tuesday’s girl: a giveaway from esqueleto.
by rachelle dunn comment



Esqueleto is one of the sweetest shops in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood. Open since August 2011 within Temescal Alley, the shop features gorgeous jewelry and objects from a rotating line-up of talented artists, including the swoon-worthy jewelry of owner Lauren Wolf, who carefully curates this collection. After stopping by the shop and chatting with these lovely gals, the Esqueleto team is hosting a giveaway for $120 credit towards any Lauren Wolf Jewelry item on their website, which is all made in-house at Esqueleto.



to enter to win a piece from Esqueleto and Lauren Wolf Jewelry, simply:

• visit Esqueleto’s website online and pick out which Lauren Wolf Jewelry item you’d like to win.

• comment here on the blog sharing your favorite Lauren Wolf Jewelry piece by tuesday, november 26 at midnight pst.

• sorry, but this giveaway is for u.s. residents only.

• as always, please be sure to leave a way to contact you via twitter, facebook, your blog or email.

• we’ll announce a random winner the week of dec 2nd on twitter, so be sure to follow along.














• all photos by rachelle dunn for sfgirlbybay.

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    • I adore the Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Drop Earrings with white pearls (Item E61S). The pearls are sweet and elegant, while the “claws” give them a cool edge. I stack several stingray rings and always get compliments!

  1. Wow!!! Such gorgeous pieces!! I absolutely love the Silver Stingray Claw Ring with Druzy Agate. So lovely!!

  2. I love Lauren Wolf’s jewelry, thanks so much for doing this giveaway!

    I would really love the Silver Stingray Claw Ring with Druzy Agate, it’s so gorgeous!

  3. Definitely the Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Earrings with White Pearl. I love the contrast between the pearls and the claws.

  4. this place is a must if i’m in oakland any time soon, it looks awesome! i LOVE the stingray claw ring with druzy agate, so different and a great piece to get questions about!

  5. This was a tough call–I loved it all! I’ve definitely gotta go with the Silver Stingray Claw Earrings with White Pearl, though. I would get SO much use out of them–simple and wearable, with a great edge.

  6. The Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Earrings with White Pearl are a great take on a classic earring.

  7. I really love the Lauren Wolf 14k Rose Gold Black Diamond Band. And basically everything else. Beautiful collection. I’ll need to make my way over to Oakland.

  8. So in love with @esqueleto ‘s Rebecca Overmann 14k Gold, Jasper, and
    Diamond Earrings. These beauties would add the perfect touch to a long black maxi with killer bangles…maybe even a knotted headscarf for extra flare. This girl will be daydreaming of this perfect ensemble! xo SL

  9. Oh my god! I love Esqueleto!
    The Stingray Goddess necklace is such an impact piece. It’s definitely my favorite.

  10. Difficult to pick one piece…but I do love the Lauren Wolf Cleopatra ring…even the name is stylish

  11. I never thought I would ever like any pearl jewelry EVER…but wow, these pieces are incredible! I would rock the Stingray Claw Pearl Earrings!

  12. You said $1200, right? Because the Lauren Wolf rose gold and diamond earrings are GORG. Amazing. Love.

    But, to be more realistic, the Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Earrings with Druzy Agate are beautiful and I would love to win them!

  13. Everything is so beautiful. It’s hard to pick! If I had to choose, I’d pick the 14k Rose Gold and Pave White Diamond Pyramid Stud Earrings. Simply stunning!

  14. My current favorite is Lauren Wolf’s Cleopatra ring. They’re not shown on the website, but they always have the most fabulous textiles!!

  15. Lauren Wolf Large Silver Stingray Goddess Necklace
    18″ Chain Length. 2.75″ by 3″ Pendant.


    • I love that one also. My favorite jewrerly has always been in silver. The Lsuren Wolf Large Sterling Silver Stingray Goddess Necklace. . Yes it is Goreousss you are so right

  16. from your pictures, this is the place for me. i absolutely love everything about this adorable shop. such an amazing giveaway! each piece is amazing & so unique, but my favorite is the Satomi Kawakita gold & diamond ring. it’s completely different from anything i’ve ever seen!


  17. I’m addicted to Esqueleto and love Lauren Wolf! I think I’ve been to the store three times in the last month.

    Love the Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Earrings and the rose golf black diamond band.

  18. I love coming here all the time. There’s so much to see that’s not on the website! I’ve got my eyes on the Sarah Swell Oxidized Silver Fishbone Earrings. :)

  19. My favorite piece is the Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Ring with Druzy Agate. It’s a rad take on a tradition style ring and setting using a less expectated stone and shapes. I love that the band is not only somewhat squared off, but hammered to give texture. The setting has an organic, handmade and medieval feel. My favorite part is the druzy agate. It’s a stunning specimen that both gives a cool monochromatic look to the whole piece while still shining on it’s own. All in all it’s a super rad piece that feel very boho modern meets game of thrones and I’d be honored to rock it. :)

  20. The rose gold and black diamond band is soooo beautiful! I love Esqueleto, and I love the alley! It’s great to see Oakland on the scene!

  21. I love Esqueleto and Lauren Wolf!!

    I would get the Pyramid Stud Earrings… I’ve been lusting after them for so long!

  22. I looooooove the Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Ring with Druzy Agate. Esqueleto is amazing. Every time I go in there I want to buy the whole store.

  23. holy moly I absolutely ADORE the Satomi Kawakita 18k White Gold White Diamond Ring. It’s even my size also! It’s pricey though, so I’m not sure if it’s off limits? I love all the rings, actually!

  24. Esqueleto is my favorite jewelry store in the Bay Area. It is hard to choose!

    I am currently loving:
    * Lauren Wolf Yellow Gold Triangle Turquoise Stud Earrings
    * Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Ring
    * and the Lauren Wolf urchin bracelet.

  25. I’ve been obsessed with the Cleopatra ring (and Lauren Wolf for that matter) for a whole year. May have to be an early Christmas gift to myself!

  26. What a beautiful site.
    I like the Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Drop Earrings with White Tahitian Pearl. 1″ Drop Length.

  27. adore! temescal is also home to a most beloved friends-of-mine-couple who own cro cafe! a proud owner of some of lauren’s stacking bands myself; i’m super smitten on her stingray claw drop pearl earrings + rose gold black diamond band!

  28. Love Equeseleto! I’ve had my eye on Lauren Wolf’s Stingray Claw Ring with White Pearl for a couple months now. It’s cool and elegant.

  29. I’m OBSESSED with the large silver stingray goddess necklace. It speaks to my soul!

    and the double barnacle ring… oh my goodness… I can’t get over her work!


  30. I’m really glad that I discovered such an amazing store. I love the Lauren Wolf silver stingray baby cuff.

  31. My daughter is obsessed with jewelry. Instead of always going to shoes. my girl goes right for the jewelry so I would pick a bracelet or necklace for her…

  32. Love the Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Earrings with White Pearl! thanks for a great giveaway!


  33. Definitely going to make a trip out there this weekend! The Cleopatra ring is stunning and the rose gold black diamond band is so elegant.

  34. So many pretty things there! My favorite is the silver stingray claw ring with druzy agate..sparkly

  35. such a gorgeous store. there were so many pieces i would choose to win, but the lauren wolfe large stingray goddess necklace really caught my eye!. what a special piece- original. fabulous. love it.

  36. The Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Baby Cuff is pretty wonderful but to be honest pretty hard to just pick one favorite.

  37. Assuming the Cleopatra ring is off the table, my 2nd favorite is the rose-gold-black-diamond band. <3

  38. Hi, I love the Lauren Wolf Large Silver Stingray Goddess Necklace and the Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Baby Cuff. Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  39. I have my eye on the wide rose gold band or the tiny black diamond ring. I love this shop! I have a pair of Lauren’s ruby earrings.

  40. I have been a long-time lover of all things Lauren Wolf for some time now. I especially love the Stingray Goddess Necklace – it’s a stunner!

  41. Oh my, how am I supposed to pick just one favorite?! Love the Silver Stingray Claw Ring with Druzy Agate and the one with the pearl as well!

  42. I think the combination of oxidized silver and gold is so bold but wearable. I would wear the Sarah Swell Fishbone Earrings all the time b/c I love their simple, repeated shapes. Great-looking jewelry!

  43. Love, love, love the Cleopatra ring…love it here with the white diamonds and yellow gold but also love it in the store in rose gold with opaque diamonds…and the pyramid stud earrings kill me…and the goddess necklace…what?! So hard to pick just one.

  44. Oh my! So hard to choose!!!!!! I think my favorite piece is the Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Baby Cuff. It would work wonderfully with a similar ring I purchased years ago from a RISD jewelry graduate.

  45. i’ve loved lauren’s stingray goddess necklace for years. the store looks beautiful – perfect setting for her pieces, and i love the logo!

  46. I would LOVE to win the Stingray Goddess Necklace. It’s gorgeous! Thank you for this opportunity to win something of hers :)! xo

  47. I love Lauren Wolf’s Large Pyrite Bracelet! Perfect shiny accent to wear to all those holiday parties I’ll be attending soon! Thanks for the opportunity! xo

  48. So many beautiful pieces! My favorite is Lauren Wolf’s Large Pyrite Bracelet. Although her Silver Stingray Goddess Necklace is a close second.

  49. I love the Cleopatra Ring. It is so cool, it seems to be very well made. I also like the design.
    I have an allergy to base metals and this metal is gold so I could actually wear it.
    Thank You for your time.

  50. So hard to pick among the many lovely Lauren Wolf pieces . . . . But I admit to being particularly drawn to the “Stingray Claw Drop Earrings with White Tahitian Pearl.” They are the earring equivalent of the Faberge Egg! :>)

  51. My favorite: Satomi Kawakita 18k White Gold White Diamond Ring

    Timeless, dainty, gorgeous.
    Love all her pieces.


  52. I’m an APRIL baby, so my birthstone is DIAMOND. Therefore, my choice is the

  53. I love the Six Strand White Pearl Bracelet with Silver Stingray Clasp & Spacers, but as I’m currently job hunting and not spending any money, if I won I think I’d go with the Silver Stingray Claw Drop Earrings with White Tahitian Pearl. Not a bad compromise! Thank you for the opportunity — and good luck to everyone!

  54. I’ve been obsessed with the Cleopatra ring ever since I first saw it. I’ve visited it in the shop twice now, and one of these days that baby is coming home with me!

  55. I love anything from the Stingray collection, love love love Lauren Wolf Jewelry! The Stingray Claw Earrings with Druzy Agate is one of my faves from the collection. I would rock them everyday!

  56. Cant get over the Lauren Wolf silver stingray claw earrings with druzy agate! Its a gorgeous design that id love to wear!
    – @Roxielo

  57. I think that pyrite stone bracelet is just breathtaking! Of course, the challenge will be that if I win it, I’m not sure I’m ever going to take it OFF! LOL

  58. I like each and every piece – I could not find the heart necklace from the commercial. Out of all the pieces, I really like the 2″ Silver and Enamel Leaf Earrings on Steel
    Chain with Silver Earwire by T.Kahres.

  59. I first learned about druzy agates from Lauren Wolf’s Silver Stingray Claw Ring many years ago. It was the first piece of jewelry that I saved up for, for months. So to complete my collection I’d like this piece:

    Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Earrings with Druzy Agate

  60. my favorite : Satomi Kawakita 18k Yellow Gold Micro Pave Band

    why: because I could wear this ring w/what I have in my collection

  61. Lauren Wolf 14k Rose Gold Black Diamond Band love this piece alot . thanks for this great giveaway Good Luck too ALL

  62. My favorite piece from the Lauren Wolf collection at ESQUELETO (Love the name of your shop!) is the Silver Stingray Claw Ring with White Pearl.
    It is beautimus!!!


  63. That Lauren Wolf Cleopatra Ring is so, so incredible – I need it! I’d settle for those rose gold and diamond pyramid stud earrings too. Gorgeous, all of it. Really love her stuff.

  64. Lauren Wolf is one of my favorite designers and have been wearing her jewelry for years.
    I love the rose gold pyramid diamond earrings. I love that you can wear them day or night! Perfection.

  65. wow i love so many of the peices but my fave is the 14k yellow gold snake ring and the razor stud earrings! love to win one of those!

  66. So many gorgeous pieces of jewelry! My favorite is the Silver Stingray Baby Cuff, it’s pretty badass. And I love the look of the shop. I will make a point of visiting the next time I’m in the Bay area.

  67. Hi!

    I would love to win the Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Earrings with Druzy Agate
    3/8″ Diameter :) They are gorgeous and I have never seen anything like them! Very unique indeed and calling my name!

  68. Lauren’s diamond pieces have the perfect union of tough yet soft, light, feminine, and the classic combo of white and gold makes them extremely versatile!

  69. Like many pieces, but some that stood out to me where the Fishbone earrings, claw ring, Stingray goddess necklace adn talon necklace.

  70. What an inspiring shop! So beautifully curated. I love the 14k Rose Gold Black Diamond Band. Simple yet striking.


  71. I’m a bracelet gal so my favorite is the lauren wolf silver stingray baby cuff, but really all of her work is gorgeous!! What a beautiful shop esqueleto is, so happy to learn about it :-)

  72. I love the Lauren Wolf Large Silver Stingray Goddess Necklace. Honestly though, any of the Lauren Wolf Jewelry pieces would be welcome additions to my jewelry box. Love her work! (@jaynawallace, facebook.com/jayna)

  73. This piece Lauren Wolf Cleopatra Ring
    18K Yellow Gold, .5ct Center Diamond with Matching Trillion Side Diamonds speaks to me it is so elegant and beautiful. So many glorious pieces to choose from it is so hard to pick just one. I do absolutely love the Cleopatra Ring and would love to add this piece to my hand:)

  74. The claw rings are insanely beautiful. I’d love to wear that bewitching pearl number every day.

  75. Esqueleto is a treasure. And my second favorite place to visit after I’ve satisfied my Bakesale Betty’s addiction. My husband bought be the Sarah Swell fishbone earrings for my 1st anniversary and I have been coveting them ever since. As for the giveaway, I’m obsessed with Lauren Wolf’s Silver Stingray Claw Drop Earrings! Gorg!

  76. Several of my favorite indulgences have come from E.! What a gem. It is tough to have to only choose one…diamond necklace? Baby cuff? Drool, drool. The silver stingray goddess necklace would fit perfectly with so many things I own so that one wins for me!!!!!! Crossing my fingers. Kim

  77. My favorite item that you have and I would love to win is the Lauren Wolf 14k Rose Gold Black Diamond Band. My wedding band is 35 yrs old and wearing thin. My husband has always said I needed a new one and I would love to have this on my finger. It would never be taken off my finger. I simply adore it and would be honored to wear a beautiful band like this on my finger.

  78. The Cleopatra diamond ring is beautiful in its simplicity and the raw look of the stones gives it an edgy twist. The finish of the gold is also simple yet evocative.

  79. I love the Six Strand White Pearl Bracelet with Silver Stingray Clasp & Spacers!

    shanahatts at gmail dot com

  80. my engagement ring is the silver stingray claw ring w/ white pearl – it’s beyond lovely – so it only seems fitting to get the silver stingray baby cuff – i love it!!

  81. I’m personally a little tiny bit obsessed with Lauren and her shop. I take Pilates down the alley, and swoon over her and her store a little too often :) Not only are her personally designed pieces amazing, so is her custom work. And her well edited selection if other jewelry and art…heaven. I would be honored to wear anything she makes, but especially the stingray anything. Thanks for showcasing a true local gem!

  82. Esqueleto is the most beautiful store and my hats off to them for carrying this amazing jewelry line!

  83. I love the Lauren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Ring with Druzy Agate, and I live very near Esqueleto so it would be such a treat to finally be able to afford something there!

  84. Ok, I try to keep it simple when I am teaching Yoga and Nia, but, nothing and I mean nothing will keep me from Lauren’s jewelry. I am DYING for the 14kRose Gold Black Diamond Band. Can’t ya see it just sparkling away in downward facing dog? LOVE IT!

  85. Esquelito is the best thing that has happened to Temescal.. and there’s a lot of great things in the area these days!! Every time I go in their I am amazed by the quality of everything; jewelry and art. Lauren Wolfs jewelry is fantastic. My husband bought me the stingray ring she designed, and it’s amazing! Of the items on the site now I would love the Stingray Claw Earrings with Druzy Agate; beautiful!

  86. I am really loving the gorgeous Satomi Kawakita 18k White Gold White Diamond Ring
    .16 ct White Diamond. 2mm Band Width

  87. The oxidized fishbone earrings do it for me! A little wabi-sabi, a little industrial, articulations suggest nice movement to sing in my ear or brush my neck…
    I’ve admired Lauren Wolf’s designs since Esquelto opened….would be great to finally own a piece of my own!

  88. I am all about the Lauren Wolf silver stingray cuff. It will layer wonderfully with my Hopi silver…and it will work nicely with the silver stingray hoops I broke into my savings account to buy a couple of months ago! I have loved your shop since day 1. So great to have Esqueleto in my neighborhood!

  89. A very difficult decision to make considering how beautiful Lauren’s work is. My favorite piece is the Oxidized Fang Necklace… It seems very playful and tactile. Wonderful work, as always.

  90. Obsessed with Lauren Wolf and Esqueleto…just moved to Oakland and I tell everyone about the beautiful jewelry at the shop. Really hard to choose but the stingray cuff is spectacular.


  91. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the T.Kahres Silver and Enamel Skinny Leaf Bracelet on
    Steel Chain. Simple and gorgeous!

  92. Esqueleto…you are the BEST.
    Loving the Satomi Kawakita 18k Yellow Gold and Silver Starburst Ring. Fantastic!

  93. I adore Lauren Wolf and Esqueleto – I’ve had my eye on the Lauren Wolf Large Silver Stingray Goddess Necklace for many, many moons and I’d be that happiest girl in all the land if it were mine! Happy early Thanksgiving!

  94. I have the pearl stud earrings in the large size and they are my most often worn earrings. I’m crazy about them. Eyed them for months before I allowed myself the purchase. If I could chose any of her other pieces showcased on her website, I’d buy something uncharacteristic of me, but that I would no doubt wear as often as the pearls: Lauren Wolf Large Silver Stingray Goddess Necklace! Very cool!

  95. Ohh that cleopatra ring is gorgeous.. I’m a sucker for rings. I don’t wear any other jewelry! Beautiful!!

  96. I love Esqueleto (and Temescal Alley)! My favorite Lauren Wolf piece on the site is the silver diamond necklace.

  97. I love the Cleopatra Ring. What a beautiful, vintage looking ring! You can email me at ktsullivan03atgmail.com

  98. Lauren is so sweet and her shop is amazing. I love all her pieces, but if I had to pick one, I love the Large Silver Stingray Goddess Necklace
    18″ Chain Length. 2.75″ by 3″ Pendant. Such a unique piece, as all her stuff is. Just incredible.

  99. Ooh. LOVE the white diamond pyramid stud earrings…. although they’re a little out of my league price-wise!

  100. Love all that I saw but the Jessica Winzelberg 14k Rose Gold Half Heart Earrings are my favorite!

  101. I heart Lauren Wolf’s jewelry! Hands down favorite is the gorgeous Six Strand Pyrite Bead Collar Necklace with Five Silver Stingray Spike Spacers and Silver Stingray Clasp. love.

  102. I can’t believe this gem is in Oakland! I love that every day I find out new rad things about the city I live in :) I’ll have to pay them a visit directly. As for my favorite piece, I’d have to say the gold and silver starburst ring. It’s so unbelievably understated and just darn right pretty.

    I can be reached on Twitter via @feministkillj0y

  103. They are all so pretty, but I’m a sucker for pearls, so the auren Wolf Silver Stingray Claw Drop Earrings with White Tahitian Pearl for me!

  104. I love the Satomi Kawakita 18k Yellow Gold Band. It would look great stacked with other rings, or just worn by itself.

  105. Lauren Wolf’s 14k Rose Gold Black Diamond Band is gorgeous. I’m a huge fan of this shop!

  106. Hi !
    I’ve been browsing online looking for inspiration to decorate my recent bare white room and I happened to stumble on your blog. I would like you to know that you have inspired me through your posts and keen sense of style. And I get to enter an awesome sweepstake with the holidays around the corner- I would appreciate some love <3 !! I always thought PEARLS were MORE MY MOM'S style but LAURA WOLF's six strand pearl bracelet is so BEAUTIFUL & EDGY !

  107. I like the Lauren Wolf Large Pyrite Bracelet Pyrite Stones .5″. Bracelet Length 7.5″.

    twitter id: @thattuxedocat

  108. I love the Sarah Swell Oxidized Silver Fishbone Earrings – would wear them daily. And I believe she also has a six-strand pyrite necklace, pictured on the cloche in the third photo above, that’s positively swoon-worthy. It looks sooooo good on my neck!