the shutterbugs: sara landstedt.
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meet photographer sara landstedt, a self-described “happy, loud-laughing, hard to sit still, loving my job photographer” based in Jönköping, sweden. i could live in any one of these beautiful interiors — serene, with lovely styling, i wonder if sara would ever pop over to my place for a little makeover? i aspire to the lightness of being sara captures with her camera, and i never seem to quite get there. one can dream, though.











• all photography by sara landstedt.

26 responses to “the shutterbugs: sara landstedt.”

  1. I’m SO in love with these gorgeous spaces. The use of whitespace is especially compelling – I’m trying to incorporate a similar style in my own home.

  2. Really loving Sara’s work. I recently pinned the image of the bed and lamp (I have that bed frame, it’s the best!) so it’s great to see more work from her. As a photographer myself I appreciate the inspiration from a fellow female photographer. Girl power!

  3. Ohhhhh all these are SO dreamy. I think I’ve seen a few on Pinterest before but love seeing them all collected here together and knowing who they’re from. Such beautiful photography and beautiful spaces!

  4. Haha, that’s my apartment up there! How weird is that! Or pretty cool actually! Hi Victoria, I wish you a great weekend!

  5. But I have to say though, Sara is not responsible for the styling. As for me and my friend Lina (who’s home is also featured up there), we did the styling ourselves. Unfortunately, we don’t get much credit for it!

  6. Thank you! But I’m not the stylist for all the photos! Just my home. All of these photos are taken in different homes that Sara visits, she changes nothing and is not involved in the styling, she’s just responsible for the shoot. So thank you for changing, but I can’t take credit for the styling in all the photos, just my own home!

    /Emma (@solveigsdotter)

    • Oh well, I wanted to try and give you credit but I guess it’s a little tricky since I’m not sure which is your home. But they’re all beautiful, so yours must be! :) Thank you Emma!

  7. Omg I’m fond of your interior, so peaceful and cosy !
    But tell me Victoria, where could I find the same rack (or so) you used for your desk ? It changes everything, and I hate the desks you can find on common websites so much !
    Thanks !! ;)

  8. I was searching for a bed like this for ages! Does someone know where you can buy it? Can’t find in the ikea :(

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