color blind.
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Samirah Embroidered Duvet from anthropologie.

i started thinking today about dogs being color blind. and if that’s truly the case and dogs only see shades or tones of color — why are all the dog toys so bloody colorful? it occurred to me if this is true, then that lucy must see everything at home in shades of gray, black and white. anyway — that’s where my head was at today, off in the clouds (literally, it was raining cats and dogs) thinking about black and white, and that’s how we somehow ended up here. strange how my mind works some days! anyway, i digress — i guess this here is a post for all the dogs out there. i hear ya pups, black and white decor still gets me every time.


deer me, via 79 ideas.


elle decoration.


bernard schottlander table lamp; elle decoration; merchant design; gabriella dahlman for sk├Âna hem.


sukha amsterdam, via vosgesparis.


krista keltanen’s photography, via trendland (above and below).



brunotarsia interior photography for marie claire maison.


krista keltanen’s photography, via trendland.

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  1. Your comment about dogs seeing black, white, and shades of grey made me think about all the posts I’ve seen lately touting the “tones of grey” color palatte. One day last winter I had to go to an unexpected appointment at the last minute and just sort of grabbed things at random from my closet and dresser. When I arrived the receptionist told me how great I looked and how much she liked my outfit! Huh?!? I looked at myself and discovered that my criteria for the things I grabbed must have been GREY! I had on about 6 or 7 different shades. I thought I looked blah to the point of serious depression, but everyone I saw that day commented favorably on my choice. Maybe some people are color-blind, too!

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