well packaged.
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fujiyama sekken soap.

i am very often drawn to amazing package design. i think it may happen to the best of us. we go to buy a bottle of wine to bring as a hostess gift, we ask the wine aficionado what they recommend, they show us, and we’re like ‘uh-uh. i like this pretty label instead’. does this happen to you? it could be the very best wine, cheese or in this case japanese product, and i go for the cute, or very well designed package every darn time. i don’t know if this makes me a moron, a sucker, or just someone with really good taste (i’ll opt for the later). taste is so subjective, after all. i’m in love with this japanese packaging — it just looks so cool. one of my favorite things to do is visiting the markets here in san francisco’s japantown and perusing the markets for interesting products. here’s some good ones i found online.


tetusin design.


ISE udon packaging by marco tsai, via emelon shop.


Tokunoshima brand fruit jellies, via design design.


colorful candies; mints via liana matin.


hakkaisan sake; and packaging for infini coffee by Commune.

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  1. I love Japanese packaging so much! Btw, the items in the picture labelled as “Tokunoshima brand Jam label pickles” are actually fruit jellies. Yum!

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