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an awful lot of us have returned to vinyl. don’t get me wrong — i love my digital tunes, too, but there’s something so soothing about a lazy weekend afternoon listening to vinyl on a turntable — or, having friends over for an evening of cocktails and playing DJ, spinning old favorites, perhaps igniting an impromptu dance party. designer kate koeppel’s partner is an avid audiophile, and she saw the need for some organization when it came to his vast vinyl collection. so she went to work and created these beautiful and ingenious laser cut wood alphabetical record dividers as a gift for him. the more friends that saw them, the more that asked for a set — so now kate’s set up shop!


kate’s record dividers collection includes 4 sets for horizontal and vertical record storage, and can be customized with laser engraved Mrs Eaves or Futura. Each set of dividers will be made-to-order by a team of organization-obsessed craftswomen (and men) in San Francisco, California and meticulously packaged with care in a screen printed box with a two-color letterpress label. and, she’s ready to ensure holiday delivery by December 23rd, if you get your holiday orders placed no later than 3PM PST on December 10th. this is one of the coolest gift ideas i’ve seen around this year, so i invited kate over to mix up some cocktails, organize my vinyl and even create a mixed Happy Hour Playlist for you from her favorite albums.


This playlist is full of fun 60’s music that is readily available on vinyl. Lots of good happy hour tunes for easing into winter and dinner party season! The playlist is on rdio.com– new users just need to sign up with Facebook or sign up with email for a free account, but then you can listen to the whole playlist and lots of others for free — enjoy!



and now for the cocktails! to mix up kate’s very delicious cynar cocktail: In a cocktail mixer, pour gin, Cynar and lime juice over ice and stir to mix and chill. Strain, and pour into a chilled cocktail glass, then top with tonic and garnish with lime. drink. it’s so very good!

you can check out more about kate at kate koeppel, and also over on her brain child skill exchange — a community workshop series which aims to inspire the community to use their hands and learn traditional, hand making and self-reliance skills in a fun, social setting by bringing together enthusiastic makers and teachers to share their passion and craft with our communities. and you can order the record dividers right here. alrighty then — rock on!

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  1. My mum was about to take her record player to the dump and I was like ‘are you crazy?!!’ I’ll have it! It’s funny how older people are throwing them out or selling them on ebay and younger people are buying them up.
    The playlists great- now I can go and buy my first records for my new record player!
    Cate x

  2. hi kate,
    actually we could be good partners for cross promotion. see our circular vinyl record shelf on instagram, pinterest or google it under the trademark of plattenkreisel.
    all the best, rod.

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