tuesday’s girl: céline.
by victoria comment



i don’t think i can afford to wear céline. then again, i’ve never checked — it just looks rich and divinely classic, but in all likelihood, way beyond my limited budget. but that doesn’t mean that i can’t be most certainly inspired by and in love with the styling and photography by juergen teller in céline’s advertising and look books. it’s always spot on stunning. i thought it would be fun to pair up their imagery with some patterns from modern architecture and textiles. don’t know why, exactly, i just like it. happy styling!






• céline photography by juergen teller; patterns in order of appearance: neisha crosland tiles; furuji star; cozamia; kunst am bau; farrow & ball lotus wallpaper; and notes on design.

11 responses to “tuesday’s girl: céline.”

  1. This is one of my favorite things that you create…

    matching one beautiful thing with another…it takes the perhaps pricey edge off of the one thing by pairing it with another lovely thing that may be less precious…

    You provide me a different option for looking at fashion without needing to wear it…

    A gift…thank you!

  2. Hey victoria, I think I’m in love more with the patterns than the outfits! Is that bad? :-P
    At One O we’re also pattern suckers and our textiles are profoundly inspired by architectures around our city, Turin (Italy). Have a tour for your pleasure! and thanks for the great post <3


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