a simple sort of tree.
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i’m not sure i’m going to decorate for the holidays this year. sometimes, i just like to keep things simple. i’m not going anywhere — i’m just going to stay home in san francisco, rest up for 2014, and take a lot of photographs. that’s my plan. i do like the idea of a simple branch in a large vase, like this one i spied on varpunen. or this super large pine branch, like this one below from fryd + design. maybe some lights and lots of candles. that’s it. i’m going ultra-purist this year.



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  1. Oh my word, I love this!! I just found a similar jug at the thrift store for .99 cents and this is a great idea. Now to find a branch I can use. :)

  2. i’ve often thought of going low-key for christmas, but can never manage it. haha. i love christmas and christmas decor far too much! i also think of going all-white, but i have far too much invested in red at this point in life. sigh. either way, i am sure your place will be festive, beautiful and restful. i’m sure you already follow/are well aware, but chez larsson has a very similar holiday mindset, and just an amazing blog, full stop.

    enjoy the holiday season! :)

  3. This sounds exactly like my plan! Taking lots of photos of my minimalistic holiday season. I started a series where I decorate my home – without a Christmas tree – and I have been loving it so far. It’s different and treats our nature with respect as I only use branches I found in a forest nearby…

  4. I am feeling the same way.

    I have three kids and of course I feel the pressure to create a beautiful holiday for them, but I am just a bit tapped out both time wise and finically. We also have a toddler and a new puppy. I really have no interest in getting out all my ornaments.

    We are gonna get the little 20 dollar tree at whole foods that comes with a stand and the girls and I are going to make paper ornaments. This makes clean up really easy too. CANNOT WAIT. I hate cleaning up Christmas.



    ps have fun with your new camera this month!

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