Celebrating with Squares: Sweet Personalized Gifts.
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’tis the season. you know — loads of festive parties, visits with friends and family, and unexpected neighbors popping by to say hello. i always worry i’ll have forgotten a gift for a special friend, or have to go rushing about for a hostess gift on my way out the door to a holiday soiree, so i thought i’d make some gifts up in advance this season. i’m a huge fan of peppermint bark and have made my own, but this year i just don’t have the time. so i picked up ghirardelli’s seasonal limited edition peppermint bark and with the help of my very creative and stylish friend jeannine giordan, we crafted up some sweet little gift boxes to add a personal touch to their yummy chocolate squares.


i found craft paper boxes, red & white twine, some striped baker’s cups, some polka dot and striped tissue paper and we went to town. i also found a woodgrain rubber stamp which helped emulate the idea of ‘bark’, and some craft paper and glittery silver gift tags which jeannine styled up with her wonderfully fun handwriting. we unwrapped the individual peppermint bark squares (ate quite a few) and tucked them neatly into the little baker’s cup and surrounded them with the pretty tissues. into the boxes they went, tied up with the baker’s twine and tagged for all our friends. there you go — instant gifts at the ready — they have a homemade look, but didn’t take much time at all. voilá, and here’s to less holiday madness and much more time with family and friends.








• this holiday post made possible by a creative partnership with ghirardelli peppermint bark.

5 responses to “Celebrating with Squares: Sweet Personalized Gifts.”

  1. oOoh ! beautiful pictures and post !
    I love used the wrapping gifts as a way for creativity, it gives joy to those who receive the gift and me, it gives me a great creative energy. I love these simple little pleasures and creative !
    I wish you lovely creative and joyfull season !

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