in my dreams, i live here: london loft.
by victoria comment



i’m always daydreaming about living in a lovely old loft. how would i go about breaking up the odd spaces and defining areas? would it be all open, or have quirky little nooks and staircases? this time around, in my dreams, i live in a london loft — perhaps at one time a tailor’s atelier with tall beamed ceilings and a wide staircase up to a funky old space once used to store fabric, now my bedroom. i could live with that. think of the stories a space like this could tell, of all the gentlemen that had passed through its doors being measured in navy pinstripe? i can see it now. a large living area with big arched windows — and views of the river thames.


i’ll keep the dining area pretty simple with a minimal amount of vintage-modern furnishings and lighting fixtures. the kitchen is bound to be a little funky, since it’s got an old wood burning stove, so i’ll stack wood there, and utilize a large counter to separate the dining room from the cooking space.



a wide staircase will lead up to a bedroom attic, where i’ll keep a very simple platform bed and an old cabinet that once belonged to the atelier will house my clothes and a vintage typewriter that was left behind as well.


i’ll have a pretty little dressing area and make-up mirror, and a simple platform bed. there will be pretty tiles in the bathroom and lovely brass frames stacked neatly on a shelving ledge. brilliant! when can we move in?


• images from top to bottom: living room via hemma hos mig; dining room via alt for damerne; Sanna ja Olli’s kitchen stove via scandinavian deko; kitchen counter area via remodelista; shelter7 stairwell via tara pearce photography; frames weekday carnival; tiles via annika von holdt; bedroom bed via tara pearce photography.

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  1. This is perfect. Thank you so much for reminding me how renewing it is to dream, definitely a de-stressor. Keep it coming it’s all great and enjoyed.

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