she’s a brick house.
by victoria comment



i love white brick. i used to really like red used brick, but these days my heart flutters much more when it’s been painted white. it just looks so fresh and clean, and makes for a stunning background to a variety of different decor. i rounded up a few favorites for you. oh — and i do hope that song doesn’t get stuck in your head for too terribly long.


halley’s / london by alexander waterworth interiors (above + below).



beautiful white brick fireplace by holly marder for decor8.


gillian tennant’s home via badlands (above + below).




fireplace mantel by grrthpt on vsco.

and another lovely white mantel from lonny magazine.


fantastic loft, via fantastic frank.

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  1. I’ve kept a cache of persuasive painted brick images (to which I should add some of these!). In NYC, I’ve come up against a few brick walls – literally – with my design clients and often employ some visuals to back me up. I would almost always opt to paint over exposed brick, but sometimes they are in rentals and the landlords won’t budge. : ( I understand the appeal of exposed brick, but it can limit the palette and at times feel oppressive while painted brick still adds a nice texture to the room. Thanks for adding to my arsenal : )

    • i totally agree with you jill, about the limitations of brick red. it can be beautiful, but also dark, and it’s probably not in my color palette right now. :)

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