real art for a fictitious world.
by the jealous curator comment


hello again! it’s danielle from the jealous curator with another totally fictitious art-buying client. last week i chose a few pieces for wes anderson’s margot tenenbaum – this week, well, things are getting a little bit “sexy”:


oh, carrie bradshaw – the stylish, clever, leading lady of sex and the city. i’m not sure that i’m “a carrie”, but i sure do miss peeking in on her life every week. so, one of the first things that springs to mind when i think of carrie – yep, new york. clearly we’re going to need a few of these:


carrie is the quintessential new yorker and so these illustrated covers of the new yorker, by maira kalman, are absolutely perfect (and i’m quite sure that she wore at least one of these crazy hats at some point – probably the duck). so, the next thing to pop into our art-buying basket, obviously:


shoes! gorgeous, sexy, hand-pulled prints of designer shoes by las vegas based artist anna see. i think it would be incredibly difficult for us to choose just one pair, so we might have to pick up a few, right? right! next, there is no denying carrie bradshaw’s love of vogue magazine, so we’re going to get at least one of these beauties:


“when i first moved to new york, i bought vogue instead of dinner. i just felt it fed me more.” – carrie bradshaw 

and that is exactly why i’d show her this gorgeous fashion-meets-embroidery work by chilean artist jose romussi. love! oh, and speaking of love:


her gold, very iconic, “carrie” necklace was the inspiration for these choices, not to mention the perfectly carrie-esque phrases! hm, i’m going to let her decide which one to get, because personally, i want all of them!!! (the top three can be found here, “love” can be found here, and the final two can be found here.)

and finally, there is no way that i could buy art for carrie bradshaw without including a bit of sparkle:


how much do i love this mirror and wood tapestry, by uk based artist lee borthwick? real love. ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-it love  (sorry – i couldn’t resist!). and with that bit of sparkle i wish you a happy holiday and an exciting new year! see you in 2014  ~ lots of love, danielle (aka the jealous curator)

*ps. If you’re interested in the embroidery work by Jose Romussi, he doesn’t sell online, but I have a list of prices. 

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  1. Charming post. Totally love the idea of imaginary client and it’s always great to see art. Expecially Jose Romussi. Wow. Merry X-mas and Fabulous New Year 2014 Danielle and Victoria !!!

  2. Really fun column, I saw those wood/mirror hangings this fall and they kind of haunt me in a jealous curator way like “why didn’t I think of that”.

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