new year, fresh new looks.
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hey, happy new year everyone! have you been staying warm and cozy? did you have a grand holiday? i certainly do hope so. i’ve been resting up, reading great books (the goldfinch and A Tale for the Time Being), seeing good flicks (the secret life of walter mitty) and enjoying general sloth-dom. it’s gotta be done sometimes in order to recharge the batteries, right? but i’m ready for an inspiring new year.


i’ve got a big announcement coming soon, but also i’ve been giving a lot of thought to what i want the blog to share with you this year, and the biggest thing i feel i need to return to is — lots more interior inspiration. i think, and please do let me know if i’m wrong, that’s what you seem to gravitate to most. sometimes, i get off track so to speak, because, like everyone i have lots of interests — fashion, photography, cooking, travel and exploration. and i will still feature those things, but the main focus will be on interiors. if i’ve misinterpreted your favorite posts, by all means give a shout, but what i’ve been noticing is less comments, and more pinning, and for the most part that’s images of decor inspiration. i hope by less comments, that just means you’re busy like me, and pinterest is simply easier and quicker (i love sharing there, too). but when you do comment, or have a question please rest assured i will reply whether i know the answer to your question or not — i’ll do my best to help you out. and if there’s something else you’d like to see here, please let me know that, too. i’ll be on the hunt for fresh new looks and trends, and beautiful, inspiring home decorating ideas for you. so, here we go — happy 2014 and here’s to making our homes the best reflection of ourselves and our creativity they can be.


rachel whiting photography (above and below).



garth oriander photographer for est magazine.


pinecone camp for House and Home magazine; cecilies lykke; and homestyle magazine.


oink studios via éditions doa.


suratanen; and mokkasin.


holly marder of avenue lifestyle.



44 responses to “new year, fresh new looks.”

  1. Happy New Year!

    Love interiors but definitely not those featuring taxidermy, hides and furs which seem to be so popular on European blogs right now.

    Looking forward to this year!

  2. Love your eye for interiors & have read your blog for years, but starting to get turned off by the sponsored posts & have found myself gravitating more towards your Pinterest page. I support blogs & I support you, but less sponsored posts would redirect my attention back to your blog.

  3. I do a lot of pinning and no commenting. I love your blog, but am so shy / socially withdrawn that I rarely say a word. Love the interior design posts especially, but I enjoy everything on this blog.

  4. I love your blog. It’s the first one I read each morning. And, I love the diversity. Your home decor element is a reflection of the fashions you wear, the books and movies that inspire you, how you entertain and what makes your heart skip a beat when you see something you love. I see your blog as a wonderful lifestyle magazine. I will be interested in seeing the changes but know you have a loyal reader.

  5. Happy New Year Victoria! Your eye for interiors is amazing, you just find the most gorgeous things – this post is stunning itself! Did you enjoy A Tale For The Time Being? I read it last year and completely loved it!

  6. Happy new year and wish you and the blog a great year ahead. Everything that you post is amazing because you have a wonderful taste and this past year has been great. But if its more interiors coming up…yes please. :-)

  7. I love all of your content. I originally came here for the design inspiration, but have always loved the Tuesday’s Girl posts (because I always need help with a little fashion sense). I also enjoy the contest/sponsor posts because it pushes me to explore some other sources and sites that I’d not otherwise know about — I got into Rivet & Sway glasses because of your contest!

  8. It sounds like a marvellous year is in the making! I do miss your interior design posts, I find them the most interesting and inspiring. Best wishes!

  9. Fashion and interiors seem intertwined in a way. However, interiors are much more accessible to all. Fashion typically ends at size ‘large’ and is often astronomical in price. I’ll admit I skip the fashion posts, mostly because those items aren’t accessible to me.

    Interiors are more multi-facted, which is probably why there are more pins in that area. I DO think you need to do what makes you true to YOU! You love fashion, that’s part of you and it’s YOUR blog!

    • thanks so much for your input, jessica. it’s really as much your blog, as it is mine – since i write it for you guys, but i know what you mean. :)

  10. I’ve been reading, commenting, and pretty much stalking you for a few years now. :) I love your bright, clean, interiors, but also like the mix of other things you add in too. It all feels very “Victoria” to me and I’m always excited to see what you’ll be showcasing each day. I also love Danielle’s new art series for fictional characters. So much fun! Happy New Year! xo

  11. Happy New Year, Victoria! I really like the mix that you’ve already established. Everything interrelates nicely. I would miss your fashion posts if they went away entirely.

  12. I wouldn’t say that interiors posts are my fav, tho I do tend to pin those posts the most. I read everything, but cool interiors are most likely to contain things I will want to act on later, so I pin them to keep track of them a bit better. But just because I don’t catalogue your other posts the same way doesn’t mean I’m less interested in those!

    I think you should post what you like most.

  13. I love any kind of post you put up! But you do have an amazing eye for interiors. I really want to read The Goldfinch after seeing lots of people reading it on Instagram! Is it good?

  14. Happy New Year Victoria. Honestly, I enjoy pretty much all that you dish up:) Most of all I always find your take and writing style so refreshing and non pretentious which I love. Just keep writing about what it is that strikes you at the time.. Mel x

  15. Happy New Year ! Honestly i love all your posts but yes, my favorites are the posts with lots of photos of beautiful interior shots. Thanks for being one of my fave blogs to read. x

  16. I don’t comment often because, well, I’m an introvert. :-) But I love both your blog and your pins. You have a way of finding such beautiful and unique images. Hope you have a happy new year!

  17. Hi Victoria
    I particularly enjoy your posts for their originality. I don’t tend to bother with Pinterest as it can swallow up hours, but I love your thoughtful, interesting posts which are rarely lifted straight from another blog. There are hundreds of design/ fashion / lifestyle blogs out there but your’s is one of a small handful I have continued to follow over the years. I will never object to more interiors and less food but do keep some variety. Sfgirlbybay adds a little something to my day. B

  18. A very happy new year to you, Victoria! Your blog is my forever favourite and I love all that you bring to us each day…but the interiors that catch your eye (like the ones that illustrate this post) always provide that extra rush! Keep it coming in 2014, girrrl!!

  19. I’m definitely guilty of pinning more than commenting, but I too can be really timid.
    I suppose now’s my chance to say that I love your blog! The whole mix is like an ambrosia salad feast for the eyes. I gravitate to the interiors, but would continue to check in every day to see what else you’re showcasing. Happy New Year, Victoria!

  20. Happy New Year!
    I read your blog almost every day, but I’m not sure I ever commented before. Anyway, I like what I read, and what I see. And I love the Art Goes Here posts by The Jealous Curator.

  21. oh also, i notice i comment less because i view most blogs on feedly as opposed to going directly to each individual blog. feedly doesn’t have a feature where you can easily comment right?

  22. I am rather new to your blog, since I only started reading it last year. However, I can say that yours if one I usually save in my inbox to check out in better detail later (usually have to read my emails from my phone on the go). With that being said, I find that I predict what type of post you might feature….that isn’t always a bad thing, mind you. I just think that if you are into Scandinavian design then you can count on that here. You know…the whole white washed floors and blank palette white walls. Very bright and amazing light, which make for fantastic images. However, I would like to see more diversity….a bit more of a surprise when I open my email. Something a bit more moody from time to time. While I dig a room with nothing but some vintage antlers hanging off centered on a white wall….too much of too little is kind of boring….but that is just my opinion.

    On a side note, I don’t tend to leave many comments because I am super busy myself and usually on the go….bad excuses. Definitely not that I am less interested, just hard to find the time. I wanted to comment, though, since you took out the time to see what your readers are after….which is really refreshing!

    Regardless of what you do post in the new year – you still have a great eye and are doing an awesome job!

  23. Happy Belated NY to you too! Yes, love your blog & focus on more decor. Really like the ones of European & Scandinavian & other worldly places that make good use of small spaces. As those of us lucky enough to live in SF know, less is more. I’ve downsized so many times, but I still have too much stuff!
    Check out Leftovers on Van Ness. Kelly the owner is big animal resuce person too! I’ve got some stuff on consignment there. They make everything look cool. Michael is Manager. Do you know them, you should.
    Best to you & Lucy in 2014.

  24. I think most of us have gotten a little lazy with commenting these days, which isn’t very nice to you making the effort to put together a beautiful blog for us to enjoy!! More people reading on readers like Bloglovin, more people reading on iPads, thus more consuming and less interaction.

    Sponsored posts are fine with me — otherwise how are you to earn a living/earn the costs of the blog so you can go on blogging??

    I love the mix you out out there, have a great 2014. Excited to hear the announcement!

  25. Hello there

    First of all I’m a huge fan of your blog – totally my style and I find you and your life very inspiring.

    Secondly the top image that is in the blog post – can I ask where it is from as the bed linen looks amazing – I remember seeing it somewhere before on an advertisement in a decor magazine.

    Thanks so much xo

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