log lady.
by victoria comment



nordic design.

are you staying warm out there, my mid-west and east coast compadres? any one of you with snow on the ground may appreciate a little rustic modern round-up of stashing logs around the old homestead. i love the look of these fireplaces and fresh-looking spaces for storing fireplace logs. not your average old-fashioned log carriers, but architecturally pleasing, and perhaps unique ways of keeping firewood looking great — almost displayed as an accessory, if you will. like that repurposed vintage utility cart getting a second life – love that. here’s to keeping warm in style this season.


Tim Bjørn for bo bedre.




hilde mork via heart home magazine.


elle decoration UK; ruth cross the knitted home; sharon mimran’s home via flourish design; the brick house.


finn real estate; a well traveled woman.


alex cochrane architects.


earth911; andrew cloutier; white feather dream.

11 responses to “log lady.”

  1. Love everything.Even in Palm Springs it is nice to see the beauty of the cozy fireplaces.
    Sheri Shay

    P.S. Happy New Year ! Looking forward to your new posts.

  2. When you said Log Lady my mind immediately went to Twin Peaks – love this idea! I don’t know if it would fit well in a LA apartment, but I still dig it.

  3. Love these. My husband and I are building a new cabin and I’ve been looking for some inspiration for our fireplace. I think my favourite is the very first one.

    And BTW it’s -36 degrees C where I am right now…could use a fireplace, stat! :)

  4. Oh my lord I have a new definition of cold. Luckily the worst is over here in Chicago. I’m literally counting down the days until I can move back to San Francisco( 2 months left!) This weather out here is not my cup of tea!

  5. It sure has been cold on the East coast! Even down where I am, in Georgia, we had record lows (which really aren’t very low) and the whole state pretty much shutdown. I have thought about log organization this winter, and so I really enjoyed this post!

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