the inspired office.
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i loved this retrospective feature on the domino website that included some of my favorite office inspiration from the domino magazine archives (september 2005, and still timeless). i’m trying to set up a little home office for myself (in the dining room) and i love everything about this very feminine, but functional workspace. my walls may soon too be covered in inspirational scrap. heaven knows, i’ve got enough piles of magazine tears around here to paper the smithsonian. thanks for the ‘blast from the past’, domino. this has always been a favorite feature of mine.




• all images via domino magazine.

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  1. This is so inspiring! I am in the midst of a great decluttering of my apartment (aren’t we all??) and I am aiming to make my “office space” something like this.

  2. I find moodboards so inspiring. I’d love to make one for my office but I work in an open space so not sure how I’d get away with it. Love the inspo anyway, thanks for sharing! x

  3. I’m thinking of updating my work space and desk, but I’m not sure whether to make a sort of inspiration board/wall or not… I just want to avoid cluttering up the space! This office makes me think that an inspiration board can be successful while keeping the overall aesthetic pretty clean and simple. I like it!

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