high fidelity.
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the smell of old records.

who didn’t love john cusack in high fidelty, the movie based on nick hornby’s brilliant novel? Rob, played by John is a record store owner and compulsive list maker, who recounts his top five breakups throughout the film, including the one in progress. i think we all have ‘breakup songs’, am i right? ones that rip your heart right out the second they unexpectedly land on your radio station. ugh. a lot of my breakup songs initially came from vinyl, or for that matter a couple of 8-tracks, but let’s not go there. i still really love collecting vinyl — there’s nothing like that swell of the heart (and nostalgia) when you come upon an oldie but a goodie that just can’t be passed up. i recently shared kate koeppel’s cool record dividers, so if you’re a real collector, you might have a look at those. in the meantime, got any classic vinyl in your collection? what’s your favorite? mine’s roxy music’s avalon. best, most romantic record ever.


audio klassiks; open road; university of washington wallpaper collection; katie shelton.


marshall speakers.


audiophilia; marshall stanmore cream speaker; drawn.


a beautiful mess; braun pcs 4 record player via ian clairidge; minoo design.


the socialite family; wired for sound; the cherry blossom girl; veda house on vsco.


entertainment center via urban outfitters.

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  1. oh, i love “avalon”, too. and two bobs – one for when i am happy (seger’s “live bullet”) and one for when i am sad (dylan’s “blood on the tracks”; i hate that title). joe cocker “live” is great anytime. also anything – especially live – by jimmy buffet and tab benoit (again, happy/sad). when i feel like dancing or have lots of chores to do: marvin gaye “live at the london palladium”, neville brothers “live on planet earth” and earth, wind and fire’s “live greatest hits” cds do the trick. anything by stevie wonder at any time, but most of all his “fullfillingness’ first finale”. and a couple of soundtracks – “amalie” and “saturday night fever”. these are the main stays, but i have a huge stack of music courtesy of my beloved sister so the list could go on and on … :)

  2. I’m looking for a record player in a portable case like in the images above, but the reviews of the ones at Urban Outfitters, aren’t so great, I would love to know which brands of record players are good and if Ebay is a good way to go. Thanks!

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