let’s go to: studio bomba | australia.
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i first spied this mastermind — this quite perfectly designed, light-filled space over on by zebra books. founded by graphic designers leah dent and Angela Mitchell, and based in leedville, western australia Studio Bomba is a wee shop and design studio on oxford street. much like makeshift society (here in san francisco and soon brooklyn), Studio Bomba is a shared co-working space, but with multiple personalities — a collective working design studio complete with a letterpress named “herbert”; a local shop carrying stationery, artwork, accessories and designer knick-knacks made by the clever creative folks that sometimes share Studio Bomba; and, they even brew a mean cup of coffee — boasting a miniature coffee bar that peddles tasty treats to those who dwell in the studio and those who drop in to see the shop, or while-away some creative time in one of their workshops. Studio Bomba is now a shared space of independent creatives — working individually or together — depending upon the project, product, brand or event. and currently, high on my list of places i’d love to visit.







• photos by jessica shaver.

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  1. I love this place! Full of lovely things and people plus that dude (hi Dan) in the photo makes a great cup of coffee!

  2. Today at work I had to make a plan of things I would like to achieve this year and visiting Leah Dent’s studio space was number one on my wish list but I couldn’t remember the name. Then I opened up Pinterest and there you were to tell. Thank you. Luckily for me I live only about an hour away. Yay!

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