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Jenny Brandt.

i kind of think of bentwood bistro chairs as classic old friends that never really go out of style, they just get reinvented. they’re a bit like a pinstriped button-down shirt worn with a funky necklace — an unexpected conservative piece paired with something bold perfectly juxtaposing each other and together looking great. bistro, bentwood, or maybe you call them cafe chairs, have been around a long while — i picture them in every saloon in the wild wild west (cowboys liked to break them over each other’s heads — what a waste!). and thonet made this beauty, the Model No.18 chair around 1876, becoming the most popular design manufactured in the 19th century. now i see them mixed and matched around mid-century modern saarinen tables, farm tables or even used beside for books. whatever you call them, and whether they’re glossy black or painted in pretty pastels, i think they’re happily sticking around for good (just keep the cowboy’s away).


Jenny Brandt for family living magazine via emma’s design blog.


j. ingerstedt.


hally’s, alexander waterworth interiors.


est magazine.




j. ingerstedt; thonet new zealand; and biografen.


lovely life.


j. ingerstedt.

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  1. So beautiful, I love this! My set of 6 bentwood chairs was my first serious furniture purchase for myself back in college. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement to hold onto them even as my style evolves!

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