real art for a fictitious world.
by the jealous curator comment



well, let’s hope that oprah is telling liz to hang all of the art that i choose! ah, liz lemon, the creator and head writer for ‘tgs’ (on nbc’s 30 rock). she’s creative and wacky and socially awkward, and i love her… almost as much as she loves food:


ok, yes. these are perfect for liz. she loves food, and, she’s totally obsessive. i’m sure you recognize this work – it’s just a teeny tiny part of kate bingaman-burt’s ongoing “obsessive consumption” series. using a black art pen, she draws everything that she buys (including food, and ikea frames!), noting both the date and price. i’d hang a few of these in liz lemon’s office – they might even inspire her to track all of her own cheese purchases. maybe.

and now, onto that liz-lemon-awkwardness that i mentioned earlier:


ooh, i think she likes the look of that last fella, and i’ll bet he likes her princess leia outfit! these paintings are by jonathan viner, from his series titled ‘computer science’. he used found class photos of computer science majors from the 1970’s as his starting point, and since liz lemon had a few awkward years earlier in life, i thought these might speak to her. all three of these portraits would be perfect on liz lemon’s walls… hm, let’s just hope they don’t bring on a bad case of nerd rage.

now, when choosing art for your walls, sometimes love is the best inspiration:


and if that love is the love of a cat, well then so be it! these kitty paintings are by american artist jennifer davis. she paints all sorts of weird and wonderful things, some of which are cats. and, if you’d like her to, she’ll even do a commissioned portrait of your little feline friend. yes, we’re definitely going to need a custom portrait of emily dickinson. meow.

and finally, liz is a workaholic and spends a huge amount of time in her office. we don’t want her to feel depressed in there, so i propose a fun little cluster of lemony goodness for those beige walls:


oh! look how happy that made her! high five, liz lemon! you’re good… like ikea meatballs good. (clockwise from top left: the design conspiracy, elizabeth mayville, matthew rose, martha rich, ashley goldberg)

ok, i’m off to get some cheese, and maybe a pizza or two. see you next thursday with more art for totally made up people ~ danielle (aka the jealous curator)

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  1. I just barked an out-loud “HA!” at my office computer where I am reading this on my lunchbreak. May have given half the office heart attacks. Anyway, love this series. Keep it up!

  2. I agree I think this is my favorite so far! Also the lemon print collection is such a good idea, kind of wish I was named after an inanimate object now too.


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