Friday Finds
by annie teng comment


Friday Finds

1. Hasami Porcelain by Taku Shinimoto of Tortoise
2. So smitten with Madelynn Furlong’s apartment
3. A furniture collection of small shapes and sizes
4. Ethnic meets modern in Cassie Karinsky’s Sydney home
5. This wonderful expanse of white and wood by Folkhem
6. Cocorrina’s delicious lemon scrub for supple skin
7. A green tea and honey mask for a glowing complexion
8. This understated Stockholm studio from Fantastic Frank
9. Nina Holst’s impeccably styled office

Wouldn’t 6 and 7 be a nice way to unwind after a hard week’s work?

Happy Friday,

4 responses to “Friday Finds”

  1. A stunning selection (as usual) Annie.

    And one thought, every time I see one of the superbly styled Fantastic Frank and other Swedish real estate agents listings, I think to myself that agents in the US should do this. It makes those properties positively delicious. Good photography and props make a amazing first impression.


  2. 6 and 7 would be the best way to wind down after a long day. And I’m loving sleek, stylish, organized offices lately. Must be the New Year and the desire for fresh starts!

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