built to last.
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the February 2014 issue of Elle Decoration UK is starting off with a bang. or, maybe that’s a vroooom. there’s several amazing homes featured, but i am quite smitten with this former auto garage, turned into one very fantastic loft-like home. it had been empty for 30 years and due to be demolished before graphic designers petra and edwin purchased it and brought it back to life again. or, gather gave it a whole new life — talk about great new beginning. from what was in all liklihood a pretty dark and greasy garage transformed into a colofully playful and witty place to inhabit.








• all photos by jean-marc wullschleger for Elle Decoration UK.

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  1. Really this space was an auto garage before? It seems almost impossible! I love the style of the interior especially the detail of the coloured window wall with all that frames…it’s a typical garage window but here and with a blue paint it looks perfect

  2. The copper pendants with the hot pink cords. Oh, wow. Excuse me while I faint! I would redecorate my whole house around those!!!!

  3. This is the first time I have ever felt right down to my toes, “I could totally live there!” about a space you have shown us. Everything about it is just perfect, warm and comfortable and beautiful.

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