office redux.
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you may have heard me mention that the beautiful old windows in my dining room had dry rot, so sadly my landlord was going to replace them with regular old sliding glass windows. i was so sad. but he’s made the change, and while i don’t love the glass they selected (pebbled, heaven forbid), on the plus side, i can now open the windows, which i could never do before. so all of a sudden i have this lovely view of my neighbors’ gardens, which is really beautiful at night with all the lights flickering from the little houses on the hillside beyond. a few neighbors even have white globe lights hung, which are extra pretty! so all in all, i think i actually ended up lucking out with this brand new view!


it’s such a nice room to spend time in, and i only have so many dinner parties — that i decided it would be much better utilized if i turned it into my office. i’m working on a big project that requires i work on a larger desktop computer, so my dining room table is now my desk. and i have to say, this is one very pleasant place to work. i added a little seating area towards the back of the room, which is a lovely spot to read and look out at the gardens. i also put my armoire in here, and was able to drill a hole in the back for a power cord, and now i can hide my unsightly scanner away inside. bravo! so, this is where you can imagine me working away everyday (should you ever wonder about such things).


some sources:

• focus print – by anna dorfman’s k is for black shop at society six

• hustle gold foil print – by design darling

• taking breaks print – by ohmyhome

• mountain up print – fine little day

• large vintage ‘V’ – hindsvik

• vintage wire in boxes – etsy

• layla headphones – nordstrom

• white industrial task lamp – west elm

• pally cowhide rug – lulu & georgia

• luxe faux fur pillow – anthropologie

• vintage black ‘egg-like’ chair – mid century modern finds

• vintage wire homecrest chair – alameda flea market

• vintage knoll saarinin swivel chair – craigslist







• all photos by victoria smith for sfgirlbybay.

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  1. Although it doesn’t look as hot as yours (yet), I turned my dining room into a home office as well…And it wasn’t easy for me to give up the dining room (that we NEVER used). Stylish living isn’t about having the “right” spaces, it’s about having the spaces that work for you!
    Love it!

  2. Out of curiosity, what was your previous office? Essentially I’m just trying to get an idea if there will be another room redux in the future :) I love see how you transform your home every so often to keep it new.

  3. Your house looks as gorgeous as always! I’m so happy to see you have a proper place to sit and work now—it’s a luxury. Just as long as there’s still a place to put an air mattress. ;) xx

  4. The DR to Office transition is brilliant. So much wiser to gift yourself the daily pleasure and utility of the space. Plus I now see a future post called “The Aerobed &You: Creative Space Making.” We all need clever ideas to convert small spaces from futon by night to eating & work space by day. Thank you for the inspiration Victoria!

  5. This is so pretty, what an amazing space you have set up to work in. My 21 year old daughter has always loved color on her walls, red in particular. She wasn’t happy with her little apartment’s look lately, and I had told her for ages that she should paint her walls white. I sent her to your site and she feel in love :) Her walls are now white, and she has a much more neutral tone in her decorating, and is completely happy. I love you for your inspiration, Victoria, and it is such a pleasure to visit you here each day.

  6. I love it! The space looks great… You’ve got terrific light with the all windows, even though are are not the ideal type! I really do love your little orange tree though, it adds so much to the room!

  7. I love your office, and most especially your desk. I dream of stumbling on a perfectly well-loved desk like that in a vintage shop. Maybe someday…

  8. Oh wow, I have some serious office envy going on right now. This is such a gorgeous space Victoria, I love what you’ve done with it and you have the most beautiful pieces of furniture and art work!

  9. Love this! And I’m so glad you get to enjoy this beautiful space now. I was just wondering about the specific paint color? I’m working on my new office/studio space and am trying to narrow down the right white paint…I have a list of contenders, trying to find the perfect not-too-warm yet not-too-cool shade.

  10. Victoria – Beautiful office! I always love reading your emails and feasting on the beautiful, creative photos. I am now following you on Twitter – please enter me in the drawing for “Knitting by Design”!! Tks!!

  11. I just discovered your blog and, I have to say, I’m in love.
    Your photography, your writing style, everything…It’s beautiful. And I’m so inspired by your office decor. I’m getting ready to redecorate and will definitely be searching for a few of these pieces.

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