at home in silver lake.
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i received a lovely home tour submission this week from interior designer natalie myers of veneer designs. This silver lake house was bought by a recently single creative professional who came in with no furnishings and a desire for a fresh start. The trick of it was that natalie’s client left the country for 10 days and entrusted her to make critical decisions in his absence — which can be kind of a dream project if you do it right, and it turns out natalie most certainly got it quite right.


the house was pretty dark and a bit dated, so natalie’s goal was to open it up (widen archways, smooth popcorn ceilings and orange peel walls) and create good flow, as well as a focus on original furniture pieces and vintage items with great character. Many trips to the flea market and email exchanges with custom furniture makers later, the house came together. Natalie approached the project as if it were her own home, and after a while the house started to feel like it was hers as she lovingly picked every paint color, lighting fixture, vintage find, and new furniture piece as if it were for herself. thankfully, natalie and her client’s styles were in perfect agreement so that when he returned from his travels and walked into the freshly remodeled and decorated home, he was ecstatic and she was overjoyed to see his reaction. A friendship was forged, but boy was it hard to relinquish the keys! Thanks so much to Natalie for sending it my way, and to Amy Bartlam who took such beautiful photographs of this charming space.















• photography by Amy Bartlam.

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  1. Wow! Such beautiful light and decor. I’m just amazed she pulled all of that together in just 10 days! Wow, again!

  2. Love that space! I was wondering where the couch and the bedside tables were from. They’ve been added to my ‘must have’ list.

  3. I love that intersection of striking & comfortable . . . and there’s so much intimacy, which is pretty amazing within the context. Oh, any idea about the artist for the pelicans print? For years I’ve been looking for something that gets at their ancient beauty — but everything out there is so ordinary or kind of touristy. But this one . . . oh my . . .

    • no, i don’t think i did. i just hadn’t approved all the comments awaiting approval. to answer your question, i’m not really sure. maybe they mean boxed water is better than plastic. :)

      • Yes, that’s how I interpreted it too, Victoria, and it is better (for the environment) than bottled.

  4. So great, well edited and thoughtful.
    Can we find out where you sourced those lovely rugs?
    Love everything about this…

  5. Absolutely love this space! The colors are so gorgeous – especially that turquoise door! Any chance you remember the paint color? Would love to use it for an upcoming project :)

  6. Incredibly beautiful. Any chance you could let me know where you got those minty colored bedside lamps?? I need those in my life. Thanks!

  7. Any way you could get the designer to provide a source list and colors for all the furnishings and finishes? Everything is so great! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I paint interior doors high gloss black with glass antique knobs for contrast and the turquoise doors are great for a fun splash of color….. Well done….

  9. Hi,

    Your style is amazing! Can you please tell me if the wood shelves in your kitchen have shellac/ a clear protective coat on them, or are they raw wood?


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