tuesday’s girl: laure joliet.
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do you know the work of los angeles-based photographer laure joliet? well, you really, really should. i’m such a great fan of laure, not only because she’s a wonderful photographer, but because she’s one of the loveliest people around. laure has shot for anthology magazine, the new york times, and i was fortunate enough to have her shoot my home for holly becker’s upcoming book release. laure joliet has now teamed up with another great photography talent debbie carlos — as a guest artist presenting two new, huge and gorgeous posters.


Laure’s images also convey a softness, emotion and a special ability to show us fleeting moments of loveliness — the way grapefruit peels naturally fall onto the cutting board when we slice them for a citrus salad or the perfect way the late afternoon sun hit the trees that one time when your friends got together at the park. These quiet, intimate moments, like secrets only you can understand at that very moment, and it feels perfect. “Citrus” and “Griffith Park” are available as 36×48″ color posters printed on bond paper. They are printed in an edition of 20, each. Each piece will be numbered — you can take a look and purchase prints at debbie carlos. you can see more of laure’s work on her website (oh, and i shared laure’s home once here on the blog if you’d like to get a little more up close and personal).


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