pssst…it’s almost valentine’s day, darling.
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it’s almost saint valentine’s day, are you ready? not quite? well, chippmunk is a brand new coupon search engine that may be just the cupid you’re looking for. chippmunk is a smarter, easier way to find coupons and sale information and discover new stores you have yet to discover. chippmunk helps you find killer bargains available at an online shops like red envelope, which is one of those shops that’s quite helpful when it comes to rounding up some last minute gifts for your valentines — even red velvet cupcakes! so, essentially chippmunk + red envelope are so good together. they do a lot of the brainstorming and work for you. red envelope features only high quality products, most of which are exclusively sold on their website. They are unusual, surprising, and personally designed to make that special gift-giving moment a sentimental and memorable occasion and they arrive in their signature red gift box, so gift wrapping is handled, too. just visit chippmunk for the red envelope discounts and you’re good to go, darling.


red envelope valentine ideas: 1. so cute: you wash, i’ll dry tea towels; 2. for the princesses in your life, a crown ring holder; 3. lingerie is a sweet suggestion for romance; 4. tony bennett always helps the mood; 5. a keepsake personalized print to commemorate all those special dates; 6. kiss hug kiss hug with this sweet pillow; 7. stacking gemstones for friends, and lovers. hop on over to chippmunk and grab your coupons first.

• this post made possible by my sponsor chippmunk, but all opinions are very much my own.

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