burning brightly.
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a few weeks ago i took a trip to L.A. to visit bri and work on her bedroom. as i reported, she had made the guest room so welcoming and cosy for me, including some lovely scented candles. bri has beautiful smelling candles all over her home and she doesn’t just light them when the sun starts going down. she burns a few throughout the day, which gives her space such a lovely scent — so, she went and got me addicted to candles (again). i used to light lots of candles in the evenings, and for some reason i got out of that routine. but now i’m back enjoying this homey, great smelling habit and on the hunt for some of best candles i can find. here’s a few i love lighting up my home — day or night. and one of the best bits? many of these come in stunning little votive containers that can be re-used with new candles. that jonathan adler champagne pop candle in its rose gold container is my current favorite!



1. le labo fig 15 candle; 2. jonathan adler champagne pop candle; 3. cire trudon trianon candle; and 4. diptyque mimosa candle.


5. kate spade new york be dazzling candle; 6. barr-co candle from anthropologie; 7. capri blue mercury candle from anthropologie; and 8. voluspa Maison Blanc Macaron Boxed Candle.

• top image via beaufort.

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  1. Such wonderful recommendations! I love to keep a variety of scents around and I light a different one depending on who is coming over. I’ve never really thought about it before but I guess I am tailoring their visit to their personality which is pretty nice of me, if I do say so myself. ;)

  2. MMmm I can almost smell them over the internet! My favourite Diptyque is Figue and I also recently discovered Muji has some great candles in glass pots, which smell delicious (green tea is my fave) but are affordable too!

  3. you inspired me with this post! i had a boring yankee candle that i used often so I replaced it last night with two new candles found at my local anthro store (including #7 on your list!) :)

  4. I love both Capri Blue and Voluspa! I just did a big candle post on my blog too but I seem to have missed this JA one! I seriously needs it yesterday :)

  5. I love candles. Since having little people around the house I’ve had to be more careful of where and when I light them. I have a penchant for soy candles. Preferably fresh and pretty smelling ones like Palm Beach Collection coconut and lime scent. I’ve just started tuning into your site (found it last week) from Sydney Australia. Thoroughly enjoying myself!

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