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We’re in for something very special. Doug McGray, editor of Pop-Up Magazine, announced this week the launch of a new magazine venture: “Later this year, I’m launching a brand new media project out of Pop-Up Magazine. It’s called The California Sunday Magazine. We’ll be producing original reported storytelling for the web, iOS, Android, Kindle, and a print edition, delivered on Sundays with the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Sacramento Bee. Pop-Up Magazine is for nights, the new thing is for weekends.” with logo design by jessica hische and photography contributions from the likes of erin kunkel, mike piscitelli, and lucas foglia (in order of appearance), it’s off to a beautiful start.


if you’ve ever been to san francisco’s Pop-Up Magazine you’ll know it’s some mighty entertaining live storytelling — like a live reading of a magazine but one you simply celebrate ‘in the moment’. So Doug is creating The California Sunday Magazine to celebrate unforgettable reported storytelling from the West Coast, for your nights and weekends. the sneak peek on their website looks quite stunning, so i’m super excited to share this news with y’all. oh, and they’re hiring — so editors and writers, check it out. and follow along on twitter, instagram and facebook, too.


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  1. Wow, this is so amazing!! Congrats to you, Victoria. So many of your pics make me ache for my California again. I have a sad love affair with the state I was born in. I would love to move back, but I now live in Seattle, and my entire large family followed me here. Which I love, but has also trapped me. Anyhow, I will pic up a Sunday Chronicle and check it out. Yay!!

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