new rue: emily johnston in nyc.
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this month rue magazine (issue #25!) features the home of one of its very own photographers, and someone i admire greatly, emily johnston. emily’s work always stands out to me, and it seems like i can recognize it long before before i read the credits — no small feat with so many talented photographers in our midst. but emily captures for me, what seems very personal about her subjects, and this feature in rue couldn’t be closer to her heart or more personal, for it is her own 430 square foot new york apartment. with portrait shots of emily by another photographer on my ‘wish i could work with’ list, nicole franzen, this is a beautiful spread with an inspiring sneak peek into emily’s very creative living space (complete with hammock). it’s because of their eye for intimate captures that i think i love these images so much. the whole issue of this month’s rue is pretty great, so check it out and check out the full tour of emily’s lovely space. oh, and you can check out emily’s shop for some of her wonderful prints.









• photos by emily johnston; portrait of emaily by nicole franzen for rue magazine.

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  1. I’ve not come across Emily Johnston before – her photographs are so gorgeous! As is her apartment, love the exposed brick work and open shelves!

  2. Love these two photographers and I’m so happy you’ve shared them! We’ll be doing a whole month on the theme of photography on our blog and we’ll definitely dive into the works of Emily and Nicole. And of course, we’ll let everyone know we found them through the lovely and creative blog SF Girl By Bay (which I adore)!

  3. Love the muted colors! Such amazing light. One thing I wonder about, are her book spines facing normally when she is not photographing her space?

  4. Thanks for your kind words about the issue Victoria! I always know we’ve done an ok job if it appeals to your discerning taste :) Emily’s apartment was also one of my all time favorites.

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