real art for a fictitious world.
by the jealous curator comment



sigh… holly golightly (the heroine of the 1961 classic, breakfast at tiffany’s). she is so elegant, so beautiful, and oh, so lost. you know what i’m going to suggest, right?


yes! art!!! ok. i added the art part to that quote, but she needs it right? right! i’m sure it would make her feel so much more at home in her bare apartment that she shares with her cat who has no name. i’d start with a few little paintings for the kitchen. something to remind her of her favorite ritual, perhaps:


mmmm, croissants and coffee… and diamonds! what a perfectly lovely way to start the day. speaking of perfectly lovely, we will absolutely need these breakfast-ish paintings. the bag, coffee, and chocolate croissant (that just so happens to be titled ‘holly golightly’s breakfast’) is the work of uk based artist joël penkman, and the lovely bread paintings are by american artist heather mccaw kerley. yum.

next, a few pieces for those bare living room walls. when i found these, i just knew that holly had to have them:


oh, yes! and, there’s even a piece that was created for tiffany’s… perfection. this is the gorgeous fashion illustration of swedish illustrator/artist mats gustafson. i could literally not find something more perfect for holly. the fashion, the sophistication, and the stunning pops of color would instantly give those beige walls some much needed ‘holly golightly-esque’ style.

now, you might think that we need some art involving diamonds, but wait:


ok. no diamonds. for now. until she gets really old, like 40?!, may i suggest a few oversized charms and a giant strand of lit-up pearls! this is the stunning street installation work of belgian artist liesbet bussche. these pieces are part of her jewels in the city series… i’m sure we could arrange for one or two of these pieces to be installed just outside of holly’s new york apartment, yes?  i vote for the heart charm, because she definitely needs help in the love department. enter a cat with no name, and a man named paul who she insists on calling fred:


poor cat. i was worried about him for a little while, but she does love him, she really does! now that she’s embracing ‘cat’, (and paul/fred too) i think these three quiet, elegant drawings by uk based artist kellas campbell would be a lovely little cluster of art for this sweet new family. smooch  ♥  meow  ♥  smooch! and i will leave you with that happy ending. see you in two weeks with another dream/fictitious client ~ danielle (aka the jealous curator)

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  1. This is my favorite “real art…” post so far! I want to own all of these pieces, especially the bread paintings by heather mccaw kerley. Great finds!

  2. This post was so cool!…. It’s fun to study stills as opposed to a moving picture which doesn’t allow for long contemplation’s. I want to rent the film now and do all these things. The water-colors are stunning.

  3. Oh Victoria, what a lovely post. And suddenly I want to see this movie again, right now, right here! Thank you for the inspiration for a perfect Saturday night at home :-) xxi.

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