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a few years ago i wouldn’t have been caught dead with anything bronze, copper or gold within a 10 block radius of me. i mean, it was soooo 70’s and i was all about silver. but it’s back and i love the warm glow of it — lately i am finding myself really drawn to these gold tones, especially rose gold — i can’t get enough of these candles and i just went a little mad and ordered this London Scented Candle by Tom Dixon, too. there’s so many home decor accents out there right now that it’s hard to choose what to share with you, but i think these will do nicely. you don’t need a ton of shiny objects, just a few to add that lovely little glow.


blu dot real good copper chairs via inside out magazine.


ETCO’S Large Distressed Papier Maché Bowl in White and Gold; plantation’s golden truck stool; tom dixon etched brass tealight holder; and tom dixon’s form jug at shop horne.


h. skjalm p. copper vases.


bodie & fou freja copper pendant light; and Paper Mache Bowl in Melon and Gold from etco.


anthropologie UK’s copper magazine holder (dear @anthropologie, please bring this stateside!).


freja copper desk lamp from bodie and fou; michele varian’s brass origami bowl; gold thirsty tea cups from shop horne.

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  1. I’ve found myself in the same boat! I blame Nate Berkus. Last year he did a great lamp in brass and it’s all been downhill from there!

  2. This post is so satisfyingly metallic! I actually proposed the Blu Dot Copper Bar Stool to a hospitality client in the Bay Area last week! We brought a sample of the chair to the meeting out of concern for comfort. The chair actually was comfortable, but many were unwillingly to even sit on it! It’s so delicate. Love!

  3. I totally agree with what said… a few years ago I totally hated these colors, but now I find myself so drawn + attracted that I’ve been buying + diy a bunch of things in gold! OH MY!
    Plus, loved all these pics!
    Want to buy them all. Is this normal?

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