the great #sfgirlguide + giveaway.
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i thought it might be fun to involve you readers in a wee experiment — putting together some unique city guides — not just san francisco — we’re going worldwide! this guide will be for everyone and very visual, too because we’re doing this via instagram. when i was in italy with bri and jen, we found it invaluable to consult instagram for tips on where to go by searching hashtags like #rome or #venice. we found the best places to eat, drink and shop all with the help of the people we follow on instagram. and because you could see the place, it made spotting the places we’d like that much easier. so we’re going to crowd source a visual travel guide for everyone to use, using a few simple hashtags. and just for contributing, one winner per month will win a little spending money — a $100 amazon gift card to use as you like.


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here’s what to do to contribute TO THE #SFGIRLGUIDE, and enter the monthly giveaways:

• follow me on instagram so i can instant message you if you win the giveaway.

• take instagram photos (the more the merrier) of your city (or, if you like, a city you’re traveling in) — cafes, coffee, favorite shops, anything special that makes the city unique.

• tag your instagram photo #sfgirlguide and also tag the city, for example #chicago #sanfrancisco #newyork etc.

• if it’s a specific cafe, shop or attraction be sure to tag the name of the place, too — like #zunicafe or #ritualcoffee or #marinagreen — this will help followers find these places when they visit that city.

• if you want to search multiple hashtags on instagram (i.e. #sfgirlguide and #losangeles) you can use this tool. add the webpage to your home screen on your phone and it works like an app for easy multiple hashtag searches.

• add the location if you have ‘locations’ turned on in your instagram preferences.

• each friday we’ll feature a blog post of a bunch of our favorite instagrams and identify the city and location. we’ll continue to grow the guide so you can keep contributing at any time.

• and if we feature you on the blog post, we’ll also link to your instagram accounts — so it’ll also be fun way to find and gain new followers and together create fun and useful visual city guides on sfgirlbybay; and totally accessible to everyone on instagram.

• another big incentive? anyone who contributes instagrams and tags them #sfgirlguide will be eligible each month for a $100 amazon gift card. gift card to use any way you like. i’ll be choosing my favorite images, and you may enter as many times as you like.

• i’ll direct message the winners on instagram (or comment on their most recent instagram letting them know they’ve won) and then announce winners on the last day of each month on twitter.

you in? alrighty then, let’s get instagramming and hashtagging! if we’ve got enough of you contributing, we’ll post the first guide next friday, february 21st. any questions? please comment below and i will do my best to clarify. happy trails and happy snapping!


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32 responses to “the great #sfgirlguide + giveaway.”

  1. is it OK to hashtag past photos? i went ahead and did a few, so they are accessible, but didn’t know if they could be included in the contest??
    PS, brilliant idea, cause i do this all the time when visiting cities to get ideas of fun “off the beaten path” ideas

  2. Oh Victoria, this is a fantastic idea!!!

    I have not yet blogged about my book research tour to Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. I was thinking of designing a little travel brochure of our adventures to coincide with my book launch events, but this fits very well too.

  3. I just told my husband we should go on a date to the Macaron store for V-day after seeing that picture. I’ve been all over France but this place in Germany beats them all! Totally off topic, sorry!

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