unexpected guests: kate davison.
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today we’re dropping in to visit a fairly new transplant to san francisco, kate davison who moved to the city from atlanta in 2012 after falling in love with san francisco during a new years visit earlier that year. she and her boyfriend jesse, a freelance illustrator who has lived in san francisco since 1999 moved in together last october — into a building which was built in 1908 with a bit of typically unique san francisco history. the original owners of the building owned a funeral home in the mission, and local tours now mistakingly claim their building was the actual funeral home, which is not the case, but the carriage house (now another apartment) behind the building once housed the coffins and carriages used for the funerals — now, that’s some spooky history!

kate and jesse viewed the apartment on a whim and were instantly smitten. within 15 minutes the landlords were asking when they could move in, which if you know anything about how difficult it is to rent in this city, you know that’s pretty unheard of — lucky couple! the landlords had even refinished the floors and the walls and trim had a fresh coat of paint when the couple moved in, so it was perfect. kate and jesse have added a lot of family heirlooms and vintage collectibles, and paired those with lots of danish modern for a completely charming and eclectic look. sfgirlbybay resident photographer cindy loughridge dropped in to capture their lovely space for us and bloomthat provided some pretty bouquets for the shoot, so let’s have a peek, shall we? you can follow kate’s lovely photostream on instagram and keep up with her pins on pinterest.


What is your day job?
i work for a recently acquired tech start-up by day and dream of design by night.




What’s your favorite feature in your home?
our house was built in 1908 and has all these fabulous little gems like subway tiles in the kitchen and a soapstone sink in the bathroom.



What is your idea of a perfect day in your city?
7am- being served hot chocolate avec whipped cream in bed. 9am-leaving for a walk around the neighborhood. 12pm- leaving on an day-venture with my friends to random spots along the coast. 5pm- an always awe inspiring pacific sunset. 8pm- coming back to our place for drinks in the garden.



What’s your favorite bargain find or product?
i like bowls. a lot. and i love finding hand-made ceramic bowls at the thrift store with initials and dates inscribed on the bottom. those are my favorite.



What’s the easiest way for you to find creativity/inspiration?
i like to keep past issues of magazines i subscribe to. i always seem to find new details that i missed the first couple of times i flipped through them.



Who would you like to sit down to drinks with?
i would give anything to have a cup of tea with jane austen.


What is your most treasured belonging?
i moved to san francisco with a ton of family heirlooms in tow, but if i had to choose, i think the custom portraits of my dogs (steven and sebastian) painted as napoleon and josephine would top the list.


Do you have a guilty pleasure?
i do… i partake in what is commonly referred to as “mcdonalds mondays”. my sister and i started it as a joke years ago; however, somehow the tradition caught on. i even have friends and co-workers that accompany me. i order the same thing every week: a big mac with no meat, extra cheese and a coke with no ice.



What’s souvenir did you bring back from your last trip?
i like to “collect” when im on a trip and i sometimes bring my findings home with me, which mostly consists of shells and other beach treasures.


Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers?
@melindaearle because, well, she’s my favorite person in real life; @seablanket because she has been my instacrush for years and lives an unbelievably beautiful life with her husband in alaska; and @helloemilie for her perfectly monochrome feed.



Anyone great you like to follow on Pinterest?
I have a slight obsession with pinterest and my top three boards i “repin” from are Julianna Swanney @ohmycavalier, Victoria Smith @sfgirlbybay (coincidence? i think not) and Beth Kirby @localmilk.


What are some of your favorites websites/blogs to visit?
remodelista is one of my favorites, but i am more old-fashioned in that i prefer the printed over the digital. anthology, kinfolk, and even the schoolhouse electric catalog — it’s drool-worthy.



What is your idea of living hell?
cinnamon brooms. sunflowers. wrinkles. junk mail. pine-sol. procrastination.


• all photos by cindy loughridge; flowers provided by bloomthat.

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  1. Lovely home! Love that blue couch! I am actually looking for something similar–any chance we can learn where it is from?

  2. Beautiful! Love the original details, especially in the bathroom. Any idea what the bathroom floor is made of? The color and texture are so elegant-looking.

  3. Hi Kate,
    Did you have the portraits of your pets commissioned? I would love to know who did them, they would make fantastic gifts!

  4. I’m sort of obsessed with the way she has her knife strip vertical. It’s such a little detail, but it’s really cool looking. That and the collected feel of her home.


  5. Ugh. Kate’s home is totally swoon worthy! I love how she mentioned that cinnamon brooms were her living hell — I hate them as well but only remember I hate them when October rolls around ;)
    LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures and this home!!

  6. oh real quick victoria: off the top of your head, what is the best spot for seeing hip art galleries in LA? I’m going this Saturday, and would love a street or central location i could hop a few (or cool boutiques.) Thanks in advance!

  7. I love all of the beautiful interiors you’ve been sharing lately! Kate’s home is just wonderful – and I always swoon over that magical San Francisco light!

  8. Hi! Love your place! I’m paining my living room in a 1920’s Spanish Style apartment building… lots of windows and light! Do you mind sharing the color you chose for walls and trim? Thanks!

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