light + ladder.
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oh, pretty internet world — i love how one link leads to another beautiful link. i was checking out nicole franzen’s latest collaboration here, which then lead me here to farrah sit’s site and from there to her lovely shop light + ladder, which for some reason i had yet to come across — until now. roaming around her shop, i stumbled onto the sweet little hex spora — solid maple hexagonal stands which link together (see – everything links!). Perfect for miniature plants, Setting the table with salt and spices — maybe for small office supplies like paper clips or jewelry. whatever you use them for, they’re just lovely



the whole light + ladder shop is wonderful, with beautiful vessels for hanging and displaying greenery in your home like the Spora Ceramic + Leather Planter with Wood Hook (above). and i love how sarah shares her customers’ instagrams in-situ, so we can see how beautiful they look when they’re taken home. this instagram below is from @cassjherrick — pretty, right? oh, and check out light + ladder’s great desk accessories, brass bottle openers and some of the coolest wall hooks i’ve ever seen.


customers share their instagrams — like this one from @cassjherrick of her planter at home.


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  1. ah, that is honestly the best and worst part of the internet – always discovering new things, but then getting side-tracked for hours! Great post though, and I really like these hexagonal stands! I am going to take a look at them later! Thanks for sharing :)

    rae of lovefromberlin

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