good reads: remodelista.
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i’ve had remodelista’s new book on my coffee table for a while now, but it occurred to me i hadn’t shared it with you yet. that’s just bad form! because it’s really one of the best decor books i’ve bought in a while. much like the remodelista blog, it’s beautiful with loads of great inspirational photographs but it’s also a really helpful and practical guide to design. if i had to put my finger on why i like it so well, i’d have to say i think the tips and decor Remodelista shares are truly accessible. what i mean by that is they’re simple, lovely ideas around styling your home that i think most of us can really achieve. tiny nuances that make a big difference at how we look at our homes: how to create a simple display of dishes; or perhaps create a cozy corner nook around a favorite chair. i snapped a few pages from Remodelista to share with you, but trust me, they are much lovelier in person.









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  1. The snaps of the book look beautiful & inspiring. Thank you for sharing – I’ve been looking for a new decor book for the coffee table that I can leaf through on a rainy sunday!

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