real art for a fictitious world.
by the jealous curator comment



ah, bonjour! i’ve been wanting to buy art for this lovely lady for quite some time! the quiet, sweet, odd, and heroic amélie poulin (the lovely main character of 2001 french film, amélie). let me introduce you:


oh these paintings! they make me want to hop on a plane immediately just so i can spend an afternoon at a parisian cafe… after i’ve bought fresh flowers at a little market, of course. this is the work of british artist charlotte hardy and i think a few of these (especially the flowers) would be perfect for the red walls of amélie’s montemarte apartment.

now, something to keep in mind about this young lady – her imagination might just be one of the best in the entire world, and it started from a very early age:


i sort of wonder if the contents of her mind might look a little bit like these collages by los angeles based photographer/collage artist ashlie chavez. a t-rex swallowing bad children whole, cuddling with sharks, and a birthday party for bears. yep, that sounds about right. we’ll take all three, please!

i mentioned earlier that amélie is not only lovely, sweet and imaginative, but she’s also incredibly heroic (in her own amélie-like way):


yes! she sets out to improve the lives of those around her, a masked hero, on the streets of paris (granted, except for one time in a photo booth the mask is completely in her mind, as are most things for amélie). i absolutely love these paintings by portland based artist emily winfield martin (aka the black apple) and i think amélie would too. a lovely little wink to her secret life that she could hang by her front door… the last thing she sees as she heads out the door on one of her adventures.

speaking of adventures. this is her greatest adventure of all – it involves a sweet boy named nino, and a book filled with discarded photos:


considering nino’s obsession with assembling found images, and amélie’s obsession with nino i think this stunning mixed media work by california based artist lisa kokin is beyond perfect for these two little love birds… after all, this is exactly the combination of things that brought them together. ♥


ah, oui. so much love for these two very sweet oddballs. so, until we meet again, adieu ~ danielle (the jealous curator)

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  1. Oh this is my ALL TIME favourite! I have been many a time inspired by this movie and everything in it! It has been hugely influential to the establishment of my personal artworks and their aesthetic. LOVE x

  2. This is amazing! I just went to Paris last week and lived right next to Des deux Moulin and also spontaniously went by the grocery store where she shops! It has been my absolute favourite movie for the last ten years! Love the pictures you have posted, it is very true to Amelies peculiar brain ;) Love from Denmark!

  3. What an awesome idea for a post! The movie is a fantastic choice to start with, but the artwork you’ve found and put together is really wonderful. Yay! Thanks for this!

  4. I love this film. In a discussion about art + Amelie, it’s worth noting that the visual palette for the film (green, red, yellow) was inspired by the work of painter Jaurez Machado. The director mentions it specifically in his commentary on the DVD.

      • * ok, just reread that… to be more clear, i meant the michael sowas pieces chosen (in her bedroom) were just so perfect on that wall. i almost added 3 of his other pieces around them, but felt like that would have been too much, and taken away from the perfection of the filmhound and fowl ;)

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