Friday Finds
by annie teng comment


Friday Finds

1. The shop house of my dreams
2. Perfectly mismatched white dining furniture on Est Magazine
3. Veda House’s pretty but hardy houseplants
4. A functional living space inspired by its wooded surroundings
5. Beautiful brushes made by visually impaired craftsmen, available at ode to things
6. This inviting seating area in a spacious French home
7. Dying to DIY a wooden bead trivet
8. Kitchen dining in a timeless Swedish apartment found on Alvhem
9. The Design Chaser‘s living room featured in Adore Home

Happy Friday,

12 responses to “Friday Finds”

  1. Your style looks so effortless to me. I love your Friday finds.

    I was hoping you could weigh in on something for me.

    I found THIS on Craigslist ( and want to put it… in my living room. Have you ever come across something like it??? Pinterest seems to be failing me or I don’t know how to search for it properly. What do you think? It reminds me of a 50s diner. I just think it would be awesome re purposed in a living space.

  2. I love this Friday post … it’s really fresh and inspiring! The pictures all connect really well – is your inspiration for this wood? Seems to be in all pictures? x

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