painting a palette.
by victoria comment



sign made by nordlicht, germany / photo by Florian Hardwig.

sometimes when i’m looking for an inspiring color palette, i’m not necessarily looking at decor images alone. i find so much inspiration through alternative channels — art galleries, just taking a walk around the city, or photography sites like instagram and flickr. even though i don’t post on flickr like i used too, still lots of talented people do and there’s lovely photography to be found there — like this funky old signage. that color palette is just stunning, and had i not stumbled over there, and let my imagination run wild a bit with these colors, who knows, perhaps nothing would have come of it. but that’s why i always try and keep my eyes open — you can find just what you’re looking for when you least expect it. ideas come from everywhere! here’s what the color palette of this old german-made sign inspired for me.


one kings lane lucite bar cart, matchbook magazine.


jen huang photography; and house of rym.


the fresh exchange.


j. ingerstedt photography.


Joanna Laajisto, via residence magazine (above and below).


buffy dekmar

buffy dekmar photography.


ryan ray photography for rue magazine.


vine hair salon, via yatzer.


weekday carnival.



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  1. LOVE this! Such inspiration in the photos you provided, but also reminded me to open my eyes when i’m out and about. lovely :)

  2. Great inspiration…I paint vintage furniture and am often asked where I find inspiration for color palettes. It is the same for me it can be anything from a movie poster to someone’s blouse on the train. I do love that signage, those colors would look great on some drawers!!

  3. Lovely. There is something so fresh-feeling and soothing about this palette. I particularly like it balanced with the darker wood chairs (and peacock!).

    The sofa in the last picture is GORGEOUS! I wish I could find one like that.

  4. Beautiful! I look forward to seeing your posts, Victoria – and often wonder how you come up with all of them. These are particularly beautiful. Thank you!

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