tuesday’s girl: a giveaway – the better to see you with.
by victoria comment



you probably know by now that i’m a big fan of eyeglasses. that quote from little red riding hood “the better to see you with, my dear”? well, this week we’ve got a new spin on that. lookmatic is partnering with me to give away a pair of their eyeglasses (of your choice) and an iPad mini. that’s right — lookmatic eyeglasses will make you see that sweet little iPad mini that much better. lookmatic has some really fun eyeglasses and sunglasses — even some very pretty pink ones! so today they’re sponsoring a reader giveaway for a pair of their prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses and the iPad mini.


For some (like me), prescription eyewear is a necessity. But eyewear is also such a style statement. lookmatic enables you to fulfill your needs and afford to do so as often as you’d like. lookmatic’s glasses are inexpensive — so you can afford to get a pair to match a few looks and build your own collection — for all your moods. lookmatic has also extended their Valentine’s Sale until March 1 — it’s 35% off everything, so each pair is just $62 a piece right now. and, they have a virtual try-on, too.


to enter to win a pair of lookmatic eyeglasses of your choice and the iPad mini, simply:

• visit the lookmatic collection and pick out your favorite pair.

• comment here on the blog sharing your favorite pair of lookmatic eyeglasses by tuesday, february 25th at midnight PST.

• as always, please be sure to leave a way to contact you via twitter, facebook, your blog or email.

• sorry, but this time the giveaway is for U.S. readers only.

• we’ll announce a random winner the week of march 3rd on my twitter account, so be sure to follow along.




• all photos by cindy loughridge.

• this giveaway post is in partnership with lookmatic. thank you for supporting my sponsors.

278 responses to “tuesday’s girl: a giveaway – the better to see you with.”

  1. Thank you for introducing us to this great eye glass company. All the frames have such great style and you are able to afford different styles to go with every look. I love the DARCY glasses

  2. Took me a while to decide, but I really love the Austin frames with the tortoise/yellow combination as sunglasses.

  3. Oooooooo! I’m on the hunt for some new frames! I adore the cat eye of the Shelby frames. I really enjoyed getting to play with the “Try it On” feature at the site – it even self-corrected the frames to the weird tilt I had going on in my pic! haha! Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!

    Twitter: @jessicajbarlow
    website: beingbarlow.com

  4. Maybe I’ll give glasses another chance. Once I went to contacts back in high school, I vouched I’d never go back. I like the Bel Air the most.

  5. I like the Maxine glasses as my prescription sunglasses. I really like the shape if the glasses that would complement the shape of my face.

  6. I really love the Morgan tortoiseshell and just may get a pair for my next glasses purchase! Sometimes it is actually fun to need corrective eyewear… sometimes. ;) Thanks! @KateMetcalf

  7. This store’s virtual try-on is really excellent. I would get the Evelyn in tortoiseshell and blue.

    erinjackson at comcast dot net

  8. I love Lookmatic Glasses! I’m currently waiting for some new Bel Air’s to arrive but I’ve also been dying to get the Payton in black as sunglasses!

  9. Oh I want to try them all. My current favorites are the Dane and the Bel Air (in pink for crazyness). Fun. I hope I win!

  10. I own the Tippi prescription glasses and completely love them. My next pair will be the green sunglasses in Patti Goes to Paris. Can’t wait! Love Lookmatic!!

  11. Boy do I need a new pair of glasses (I suspect a strong prescription is in my future). I love the Dillon but honestly, I need help choosing the right shape and color for my face. :-) Thanks for this fun opportunity and for introducing me to Lookmatic.

  12. I love love love the Ricky glasses…super classy but still funky! I actually broke my glasses yesterday, so this couldn’t be more timely!! :)

    Xo Eliza

  13. love the buddy, weirdly…my current glasses don’t really work for me so i’m always up for a new pair!

  14. i’d love a pair of the clear uncle leonards! they look just like my first pair of glasses from 4th grade. :)
    twitter: florajasmine

  15. I just spent far too long with the virtual try on feature. My weakness for clear molded plastic holds steadfast- the Ricky frames.

  16. I’m lovin the Morgan, they would be great as sunglasses too! This eyeglass wearing girl is hapoy to have found this site.

  17. So cute! If I do win, I will probably get something for my husband, he wears prescription glasses & has a hard time finding sunglasses. I think the Clark will look good on him! Thank you!

  18. So many to choose from…but the tortoise and blue “BEL-AIR” are delightfully nerdy and secretly kitty cat sultry. I would love to wink my lashes behind these frames!

    Lisa Bennett
    FB: Yoga with Lisa Marie

  19. I really love the Austin in Tortoise, I’ve been rocking my Raybans for the past 4 years but it might be time for something new.
    twitter: penguinsdawn

  20. Finding cute prescription sunglasses that are affordable is pretty tough. I love the various styles Lookmatic has to offer! Retro and chic. The black Payton pair in sunglasses are too cute to pass up! :)

  21. I like the Davenport! This is such a nice giveaway! I won’t admit how long I’ve had the same pair of frames!!

  22. Love the Tippi frames! And by the way, thank you for doing a giveaway that isn’t dependent on Facebook and Pinterest. Much appreciated.

  23. I had no idea such an awesome (and affordable) site for stylish eyeglasses existed! And I spent a little too much time using the “virtual try on”…. I’m loving the ACE glasses in white/pink!

    twitter: @kellelely

  24. sweet giveaway! I didn’t know about lookmatic until just now. I love the Andy, eyeglasses and sunglasses both look pretty amazing.

  25. I Looove Lookmatic glasses ! I have three pair and need more !! ha. I’m going with the Ace,for a Palm Springs retro vibe.
    Sheri Shay
    Sheri at Sherijohnson.com

  26. This was a tough choice, but the Kitty frames are amazing. Thanks for doing this, and sharing this company! I’m @erjeya on Twitts.

  27. I love the Woody, but they might be too wide for my face :( but then scrolling up I saw the Morgan in tortoise/yellow and fell HARD! So cute! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  28. I want to be Jesse’s Girl!
    I’m looking in the mirror
    Wonderin’ how they’ll look on me
    Acting cute, Thinkin’ I’ll be lookin’ cool in the frames
    I want to be Jesse’s Girl
    Jesse’s Girl!

  29. I’ve been meaning to purchase prescription sunglasses for the longest time, so this would be amazing! I love the Apprentice in tortoiseshell.

  30. From a girl who is majorly near-sighted, thanks for the chance to win some super sweet glasses! i’m eyeing those Jesse frames..

  31. I’ve been looking for a pair of new glasses– I think the FDR or Morgan in tortoise would be perfect! I’m @extracelestial in twitterland :)

  32. The Bel Air is the way to go, but I really like about five more styles as well. I need a glasses collection!!

  33. Love the BelAir. I’ve been looking at these glasses and there are so many good ones!

    IG: emilyknox
    emily knox 09 at gmail dot com

  34. This is a great giveaway and hard to pick – apprentice in tortoise shell.

  35. I love the Avery Torties! (it’s fun to see everyone else’s choices, too! :) Thanks for the opportunity

  36. Hi Victoria.
    I vote for the Bel Air Honey colored frames w/ green tinted lenses. Fabulous!
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  37. The Bel Air in Pink!! My Pediatric patients would get a giggle out of these.
    Thanks Victoria!

    twitter: @cmorrisrn

  38. Gah, so cute! I’m partial to Maxine, but spending an afternoon trying on all of their frames sounds pretty darn fun to me. :)

  39. Love love love Darcy and Caine! Probably leaning slightly toward Caine because it’s closer to what I currently have…but maybe it’s time to change it up. Love! xo, @KZiegs

  40. Oh, how I would love to win this! I need glasses desperately and have no insurance. I would get the Lucy pair, if I were to win! Such a fun, but classic shape.

  41. I love Lookmatic! Those pink Marlowes are just too cute. They’d make the perfect Spring sunglasses! (twitter @_ali_oop)

  42. My favorite is the Evelyn in Tortoise Purple. Super cute. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Please contact me via email, or twitter @chaelala.
    xo, Chaela

  43. mmm, so many lovely choices! I would choose the Bel Air because I love the shape and because one of the colors matches my strawberry blonde hair perfectly :)

  44. This is great! I just started wearing glasses and would love to have more than one pair to play around with. I love their Dane eyeglasses. Beautiful color!


  45. Oh geez these are amazing! I would love a pair of these so I can toss out my old ones and actually feel like I have a pair of glasses stylish enough to be seen in public! :)

    I think SHEBLY or RICKY are my favorites! But it’s so hard to choose!

    I hope I win! Twitter is @shabbyloveschic

    xo, Courtney Ramsey

  46. I love eyeglasses, I think they are a perfect accessory. I’d chose the ACE, the black-pink one! Awesome giveaway by the way.

  47. Patti & I would go to Paris together in those fab green specs. Even it it was only on Pinterest…my twitter is @dgirlp and I love your whole vibe everywhere I find you SFgirlbybay. xo

  48. It’s got to be Patti Goes to Paris, of course! Love the glasses AND the name! Thanks so much!

  49. Patti Goes to Paris!!!! In the olive for sure. My face takes big frames well. I always say that the older I get, the more stuff I need to put on my face. Bangs + these glasses= -5 years. Is that algebra?

  50. I really like “Patti Goes to Paris” for the days when you need a distinctive look. I like the Olive (but if you do the Olive with the Red tint, you are all set for Christmas!) ;)

  51. there are so many too choose from…but my faves are apprentice, shelby, and bel air. my birthday is on march 3 and this would be a terrific gift!

  52. I love Patti Goes to Paris in green as well. I also love Evelyn for it’s sweeping line, and Marilyn. So many choices!!

  53. I would have to say the Woody for husband. I think he’d also look cool in the Harper’s. Who am I kidding? My husband always looks cool.

  54. I love the Andy frames! My husband is due for a new set of frames too, so thank you for letting me know about the sale!! I think the Dillon frames would look good on him. Thank you Victoria!

  55. I used the “try it on” option and LOVED the Marilyn style in tortoise shell with dark tint. Super cute!!!

  56. I’m in love with the Ace frames as they are so unique. The Andy frames are my second fave!

    Thanks, Suzy

    Twitter: @SuzyGarcia20

  57. I’d love to rock the Apprentice style in Tortoise. It would be so great to have another pair of prescription glasses to mix things up when I’m not feeling my other frames!

  58. All of lookmatic’s eyeglasses are freakishly cute. I always say, the bigger the better. My favorite is Uncle Leonard in the clear frame!

    twitter: coolcatnancy
    instagram: minusthegirl

  59. Thank you for featuring these cute glasses and for the lovely giveaway! My favorite ones are the Darcy women’s.

    Twitter @atomique47

  60. What fun glasses! I just tried the “Virtual Try On” feature and it is really cool — and also convinced me that I NEED the “Woody” glasses!!

  61. Well me, I’m a Darcy frame gal: smart, sporty, not afraid to laugh (and mostly at myself). Something to wear hmm, work on Wednesday, movie Friday, flyfishing Saturday, read in bed Sunday. Now if they could just make me see the path of life a tad clearer…

  62. I’m Evelyn during the week and on Friday night I’m Patty in Paris! Lovely. I just purchased the Shelby for my daughter. Thank you. xoxox


  63. Me, I’m thinking the Darcy frames: smart, sporty, not afraid to laugh (mostly at myself). Monday ’cause it’s time to wake up and go, Tuesday team meeting, Wednesday yes more work, Thursday happy to have still more work, Friday yay movie, Saturday flyfishing, Sunday read in bed. Now, if they could only make the path of life a little more clear.

  64. So hard to choose a favorite, but I think I have to go with the Evelyn frames in the classic black! :]

  65. Too many cute glasses.. Hard to choose. I would like the Darcy. I could
    Really use the new IPad as well, my computer is so slow it took me over an hour
    To enter this : (.

  66. Fun collection! I’m in desperate need of new glasses, my prescription is out of wack w/ my current pair. I would get the Woody in tortoise.

    caitlinmcnany at gmail dot com


  68. Oh goodness, they are all adorable! The Austin’s are especially amazing though.

    Twitter: @vi_gnette

  69. I love Lucy
    GET IT?
    and I do love both :-) Lucille Ball and the Lucy glasses.
    So glad you posted this sorry I had no clue they Existed and a great price and a great site :-)
    Blessings. It’s the little things, like 62 dollar frames. Joy.
    Thank you Super much!

  70. dane, hobbs, uncle leonard….how will i ever choose! love the rectangle shape and tortoise shell!

  71. The Marlowe frames in pale pink are like a dream! Love the collection and thanks so much for the lovely giveaway. I’m on twitter [at]cgee <3!