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san francisco-based interior designer Senalee Kapelevich of SVK Interior Design sent me images of one of her latest client makeovers and i was thrilled to share it. Senalee’s done a wonderful job on this 1890’s Victorian home of a single dad who lives in the mission district with his daughter. Even though he works in the tech industry, he is extremely passionate about music and There are about ten guitars that live in the house with them, along with several pieces of recording equipment. it’s a bottom unit in a four-apartment building, so one of Senalee’s challenges was about bringing in as much light and color as possible without going too feminine. The client’s directive was to balance each room with a mix of new and vintage pieces, with a mid-century modern inspired look.


The front room with the black leather couch and pink walls is his “jam room”. So the room is about hanging out with friends and jamming along with His daughter who also plays bass. Senalee knew this room was going to have a lot of black in it, and be filled with a lot of music equipment, so she convinced her client to paint the walls pale pink to add some lightness to the space. The credenza and the pendant are both vintage pieces (from one of my favorite shops, Stuff on Valencia), and the sofa, and small table are new.




The living room is where the client likes to relax with his daughter and play video games so Senalee warmed up the room with a comfy Paul Smith rug from the Rug Company — the client’s favorite thing in the whole house. The sofa is custom, the coffee table is vintage from L.A., and the chair is a vintage Z Chair from Past Perfect — another great vintage shop in san francisco on lombard street.



The hallway was really long in this apartment, so Senalee wanted to add some interest to it. The carpet tiles are from FLOR, and the frames are from a mix of sources framing a collection of black and white photography. That gorgeous pendant lamp is from schoolhouse electric.



The master bedroom needed to remain a masculine space, but have some fun too. The dresser is a vintage Henredon dresser, and the lamps are vintage as well — also from Past Perfect. The bed, and side tables are new. Senalee loves to do great lighting in spaces with high ceilings and one of her favorite elements in the room is the Spider Lamp from Matter Matters in New York City — It’s like its own little floating sculpture. her client is also into raw denim, so the coat rack actually gets used to hang the jeans that are not supposed to be washed or folded — I just love that idea, since my jeans are usually thrown over the back of a chair. this looks a whole lot better, but also leaves them so accessible!


thanks so much to Senalee for walking us through this great makeover. she’s done an amazing job at infusing the space with light, style and comfort. for more of her beautiful design work visit SVK Interior Design, where Senalee has an office San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood and has projects underway all over the bay area including Noe Valley, the Mission, and Potrero Hill.


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  1. Your coverage of these makeovers — and this is not meant as disrespect to them — is so much better than Apartment Therapy’s. Thanks for “keeping it real,” as the kids used to say.

  2. Refreshing, unique, and wonderful. Would you mind providing more info on the installation above the black sofa, please. It looks like deconstructed, framed equipment. Is that right?

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