petals and penmanship.
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When Kiana Underwood and Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls got together for a joint floral design and calligraphy workshop, they were little skeptical of the turn out. While many people are interested in flowers, and many are interested in calligraphy, combining the two was a bit of a crossover experiment. Their friend and photographer Angie Cao graciously offered her Sunset photography studio as the venue, and what was expected to be a 6-8 person workshop ended with 13 attendees and a wait list. i, on the other hand, am not surprised at this turnout in the least — it looks like a great day of inspiring creativity.


Kiana and Maybelle started their planning with a trip in January to the Alameda Antiques Faire to look for some inspiration, where they found an old copy of The Language of Flowers, which became the theme for the workshop. Two of Kiana’s favorite vendors at the San Francisco Flower Mart — Torchio Nursery and Brannan Street Wholesale Flowers graciously donated flowers for the event, and Kiana says that both have always gone above and beyond for all of her event work for her floral design company tulipina. The workshop itself turned out beautifully, with the amazing attendees each leaving with a custom calligraphy kit from Maybelle and their final floral creation — i think one of my favorite things about these stunning photos was seeing the variety of designs the attendees made, all using the same flowers — stunning and so creative. The initial three-hour workshop flew by so quickly that Kiana and Maybelle are planning additional time for their next Petals and Penmanship workshop. a new workshop is in the planning stages, and the date is set, April 19th, with a venue pending, so stay tuned — you can follow tulipina’s facebook page for updates.










i love how diverse these floral arrangements turned out — each student created something totally unique to take home. this just looks like so much fun — i gotta sign up for the next workshop.



• all photos by Angie Cao.

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  1. Inspiring! I could easily frame one of the images and hang it in my home – so gorgeous! Have to look into next class, for sure!

  2. I’ve taken two classes from the illustrious Maybelle. She is the most delightful teacher and all who meet her want her as their new best friend. It’s no surprise to read of this clever partnership of flowers and ink, Maybelle & Tulipina.

    • Thanks sweet Yvonne! You were there from the very beginning! I hope you are well and can make it to the next petals and penmanship workshop. I would love to see you!

  3. Oh why I wasn’t aware of this! This looks amazing and I knew they have been planning a workshop. Beautiful pictures and hopefully I can make it next time.

  4. Wow! I wouldn’t have thought of putting these two crafts into a single workshop but they obviously work together beautifully! So wish I was near you so I could attend the next one!

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