Moodbook: Get Away.
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guest post by melanie biehle | inward facing girl.

COVER moodbook-1-get-away

hi! i’m melanie biehle, and i’m a seattle-based graphic designer, freelance writer, and photographer. i’m also a longtime fan of sfgirlbybay. you may remember seeing me here before gushing over sofia coppola and drooling over totokaelo.

today i have another obsession to share with you. well, two obsessions really – lookbooks and moodboards. i’ve been fascinated by both of these concepts since i was a kid, probably well before either of these words were used to describe them. now i’ve combined these two things that i love and designed what i’m calling a “moodbook.” today’s theme is “get away,” and i’d like to take us all on a mini-adventure without boarding a plane.

FIND A PLACE moodbook-1-get-away

ART AND WALLPAPER moodbook-1-get-away

ROOM AND COLOR moodbook-1-get-away

TO DREAM moodbook-1-get-away

it’s not quite rome, but it’s dreamy. here’s a link to moodbook: get away on issuu, if you’d like to add it to your collection.

• image credits: page one (photograph by andrew stinson, creative and styling by bernadette pascua, makeup by samantha lau, hair by jillian halouska); page two (rome, italy photograph by melanie biehle); page 3 (art by emily gherard via design crush, sandberg wallpaper “gryning”); page 4 (diy table via hanna’s room, ceramic bowls by kirstie van noort via thisispaper ); page 5 (sandberg wallpaper “skymning”).

10 responses to “Moodbook: Get Away.”

  1. This is so great! I recently unearthed my high school diary, which was very moodbook-y. Pre-pinterest, when we had to tear pictures out of magazines and glue them together to illustrate our lives. Those were good times. :)

  2. Loving this dreamy color palette – I dream of the day I have a home office with a very similar look…better start building my own vision board!

  3. I love this idea so much, you should trademark it! :-) I recently had to put together a sketchbook with pasted images for a drawing class, and it really changed how I think about what inspires me. Only in the last few days I have thought about continuing this idea now that the class is over, by also adding in my own pictures, fabric, etc. for additional interior inspiration (I’m studying interior design). Thanks Melanie and Victoria! I love both of your blogs and am a long-time reader of both. Keep up the fantastic work! :)

  4. Wow. Gorgeous. Thank you for that moment of feeling like I was being whisked away. I realllly needed in this forever-long winter.

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