creative block?
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i’m so proud and excited for our very own jealous curator, danielle krysa. danielle, an artist, and an incredible curator who adds wit, charm and fabulous art to the blog on a regular basis and has for some time now (her current series ‘real art for a fictitious world’ is a house favorite), has also somehow managed to fit book author into her busy schedule. danielle’s new book is all about unblocking your creativity, aptly titled: Creative Block: Get Unstuck, Discover New Ideas. Advice & Projects from 50 Successful Artists from chronicle books.


camilla engman.

danielle is in town tonight, too — she’ll be at little paper planes in san francisco’s mission district from 7 to 9pm, so you can meet her, have a glass of wine, eat fancy sweet things, and try a few of the unblocking exercises from the book. maybe even pick up a signed copy. they’re also be a few artists danielle interviewed for Creative Block in the house so it’s going to be an evening of art and artists all celebrating the book and sharing how they move past those pesky and oh-so frustrating creative blocks. we all get them!

little paper planes
book launch party march 5 | 7 – 9pm
855 Valencia Street
san francisco | 94103


jen gotch.


lisa congdon.

the list of 50 amazingly open, honest, witty, thoughtful, funny, talented artists that allowed danielle to interview them about their own creative blocks, insecurities, and inner-critics is most impressive. Not only did they give danielle candid views into their creative process, but each of them wrote a “creative unblock exercise” to help shake us out of our own blocks. this is some inspiring stuff. Almost 300 pages of stunning contemporary artwork, insightful advice, and creative-unblocking tips from danielle and these amazing artists.


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  1. I know what I am getting next paycheck/large etsy sale…this book! I love her real art for fictitious houses series. It’s so inspiring to see a woman tackle all of these projects (and keep her sanity!)

  2. I have seen this book floating around for sometime. I was wondering if it was good or not. Looks fabulous! (I don’t know how Danielle does it either but I love her work.)

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