real art for a fictitious world.
by the jealous curator comment



oh mary… there’s just something about mary! she’s kind, funny, beautiful, super cool, and basically a ray of sunshine. when i started planning what kind of art to buy for her cheery miami apartment, flowers kept popping to mind. yep, bunches of bright, fresh, colorful flowers dappled in golden sunlight seemed like a perfect fit for mary:


yes! these gorgeous flower paintings (which are only $100 each, by the way), are the work of american artist lisa daria. they are basically like mary in painted form… pretty and sweet. hm, i wonder how they feel about beer and baseball:


see? super cool. she’s kind of every guys’ dream… gorgeous, smart, and a lover of hot dogs, beer n’ baseball. i’d love to get her this holly farrell baseball glove painting (i’ve seen this one in person and it’s stunning!) as a little tribute to her relationship with her very sweet brother, warren. and this beer illustration by andrew bannecker… well, clearly that’s a must-have too!

so, that’s mary. a ray of sunshine, loved by every dude in the world. now, let me introduce you to a few of her friends:


magda. she is mary’s sun worshipping neighbor who spends most of her time at mary’s apartment. i absolutely love these paintings by australian artist maz dixon, and i have a feeling that magda will love them too… as long as they don’t block her light.

and now, pat. cheesy, over-the-top, madly in love with mary, pat. he moved to miami to spy fall in love with mary, and he has clearly embraced the whole tropical/miami thing:


wow! it looks like he’s realllllllly happy with my pick – a paint-by-number (available in two dimensions) from toronto based studio licious. very tropical, kinda cheesy, and fantastic all at the same time. perfect for pat. (ps. these vintage prints on wood panels are only $25!)

and finally, this is ted. sweet, romantic, goofy ted. he has loved mary since high school, so i think i’ve found the perfect set of drawings for him:


these look like my year book – i recognize those bangs! these are from a hilarious series, by la based artist jenny hart, titled study hall. considering that ted has had a crush on mary since they graduated 13 years ago, i thought that a couple of these might take him back to the good old days. although, let’s hope he forgets about this little incident [you know what this links to, right?]  don’t worry though, that “incident” didn’t stop them. in the end, everything worked out beautifully for ted and mary. see:


* there are so many other guys in this movie that love mary, but come on, a girl can only have so many fictitious art clients in one post! see you in few weeks with more art for more pretend people ~ danielle (aka the jealous curator)

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  1. I love Lisa Daria’s florals! I am blessed to own two of her paintings and love sharing her work with my Feng Shui Design clients. So wonderful to see her work highlighted here!

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