put a pineapple on it.
by victoria comment



freunde von freunden.

i’m sorry, but i keep seeing these random pineapples everywhere. i guess i heard they were trending — like the new owl or squirrel or something. lovely still life photos of the prickly pear that is a pineapple. all of these images just randomly appeared on my interwebs from different places, including the one above from the freunde von freunden apartment in berlin. i like them, i just think the internet is funny sometimes. piña colada, anyone? it is friday.


j. levau blog


Daniel Francis O’Dowd.


clint colbert photography.

22 responses to “put a pineapple on it.”

  1. Ugh.. the site of the pineapple…makes me super anxious for summer!! I’ve definitely been seeing these things everywhere too! So great.


  2. LOL put a pineapple on it, love the portlandia reference.
    it cracks me up how these things become trends…pineapples, owls, squirrels, who knows what’s next!

  3. Ha! Absolutely love the title of this blog. Pineapples are definitely a favorite of mine, and one of my favorite shapes… so I guess I don’t mind that it’s gone from owls/birds to pineapples! (wasn’t much of a fan of the owl/bird thing). Wonder what’s next though!

  4. Kinda funny, because I’ve been a pineapple fan since the premiere of Psych eight years ago! A pineapple has always been the show’s mascot. My pineapple trinkets make me smile because Psych will always have a warm fuzzy place in my comedy loving heart! Perhaps because the show is ending, the universe is sending out pineapple vibes!

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