pom pom’s make everything better.
by victoria comment



well, don’t they? i mean who hasn’t met a pom pom they didn’t like? these are magical pom pom’s because these are moroccan, which makes them even way cooler. and they’re huge, so there’s that, too. check out the pom pom’s on mui ma*! dare i simply say, pom pom’s for everyone? yes, i do dare to say this aloud. I love these Beautiful Moroccan Blankets handmade in cotton, with wool pom poms in Marrakech. perfect for a bed cover or sofa throw, check out the entire collection from mui ma*.





7 responses to “pom pom’s make everything better.”

  1. Beautiful blankets and rugs…I love that Moroccan design finds its way to more simple and Scandinavian interiors.

  2. I would definitely cuddle up in that. And I agree that in a very simple, neutral space, they definitely pack a punch. But the right kind.

  3. Love all these gorgeous pompoms in neutral shades! I’m pretty sure you don’t need an apostrophe for the plural of pompoms–or a hyphen, for that matter! I kept reading this as if “pom-pom’s” were the name of a cafe or pub (like “Barbara’s” or something).

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