the shutterbugs: jaclyn campanaro.
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meet portland, oregon-based photographer jaclyn campanaro. jaclyn has called Portland home for eight years, and for the last four has lived in a great little vintage studio with tons of charm and “no closet space”. jaclyn says living “smack in the middle of portland helps me stay home and work when I need to because I never feel too removed from anything — especially nice given that I live alone” save for a roommate named Cece, her calico cat. the majority of jaclyn’s work had always been portraiture, but she stumbled into doing interiors a couple of years ago after being asked to shoot a local designer’s home and was smitten with the process. jaclyn found it really meditative, a totally different zone from photographing people — “It rewards patience and perfectionism whereas portraiture rewards an inter-personal connection and being somewhat reactive.”


i love jaclyn’s use of natural light and asked her a little bit about her process: “During the nicer months in the Pacific Northwest I take advantage of shooting outdoors (and traveling around Oregon) as much as possible — especially the warm, overcast spring days when the sky is like a giant softbox. Over the past two winters I’ve started experimenting more in-studio; challenging myself to push concepts in my personal work. I have a few new ones in the works with stylist Sarah Baker and illustrator Mia Nolting that are a bit more high concept and involved, production-wise.” i look forward to seeing that work.

You can see more of jaclyn campanaro’s work, including her lovely portraiture on her website; and follow her on VSCO Grid and @jaclynjean via Instagram. Thanks for allowing me to share your wonderful work, Jaclyn.













• all photos by jaclyn campanaro.

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  1. I love her photography and how she captures a feel. I also absolutely loved the spaces she photographed, wow…can I move in please?

    Thank you for great shutterbug story.

    • Lauren, I used to have a brown thumb! Now my apt is FULL of plant life. The trick as I learned it is to start by choosing hearty plants, then work your way into more unique varieties by being sure to place them in the appropriate conditions. Plants die when we want them for how they look in locations they don’t like. Watering can always be adjusted, but if a plant is getting too much or too little light, it’s doomed. I also think buying from a good source is key. The healthier and more mature the plant is when you get it, the more leeway you will have to learn how to care for it.

  2. Absolutely love these – the bird’s nest, the camelias in a blue ball jar and the all-white bathroom especially. Love the blue arabic arched kitchen but have a hard time living with ceiling fans and frosted glass kight fixtures – I’d beg the landlord to let me switch it out.

  3. This home is so beautiful! I love everything about it. Any chance we can get the paint color info for the gorgeous turquoise? It’s exactly the color I want to paint my bedroom. Perfect, perfect, perfect!

    • Phillylass, That’s my apartment so I can tell you the color is Florence by Miller Paint in Portland. It’s been discontinued for a number of years (in fact I found it an an old swatch set from years before I even ordered it), but they have many new ones like it. Miller doesn’t have stores around the country but if you look for almost a robin’s egg blue with just a hint of green you should find something close. Hope that helps!

      • thank you for sharing that. i am taking your beautiful images to the paint store to find a match. my six year old daughter just gasped when she saw the color and said, ” thats the one mom! thats my favorite color!”

  4. Gorgeous!! I love your style! And I have serious plant envy :) What is the name of the plant on the dresser? And is that tall cactus a euphorbia? Just wondering- again, in love with your home!

  5. To see the world through your “eye” must be a beautiful thing. You can sense that it’s a meditative process – just viewing the photos is therapeutic. Simply fabulous.

  6. So pretty! A lovely and calm space!
    I’m wondering if that mushroom print is available? Do you know where it came from?

  7. I’m visiting from Pinterest and I love your blog! Gorgeous photos, and I share your enthusiasm for cactus! Also, I’m sitting here in my office with the same rug pictured above. ;)

  8. Hi!

    Would you guys be able to share the source for those amazing pink rugs in the bedroom and living room? I love this space!!

    Thank you!

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