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paradise island, the bahamas — by @katwesterman.

time for friday’s #sfgirlguide instagram round-up. i’ve got a love-hate relationship with these posts because while i love wandering around the world with you, i fall into a black hole of wanderlust looking through all these great instagrams. this week there’s some great contributions — we’re up to almost 3,700 instagrams in the #sfgirlguide, so please do keep ’em coming! i’d love to see some great interior shots — hotels, cafes and shops! for more details on the guide, visit this post.


images, clockwise l to r: zorba’s hotel, bateman’s bay, southcoast of australia — by @inexplicablewanderlust; crystal cove, laguna beach, california — by @lenasekine; the surf lodge, montauk, new york — by @spottedsf; and edi & the wolf restaurant, new york city — by @rashibirla.

gia’s garden jewels, east village, new york city — by @rishibirla.


images, clockwise l to r: rose’s luxury, eastern market washington, d.c. — by @chloeberk; walking path near the surfer beach and cliffside, half moon bay, california — by @thewesthood; barista parlor, nashville, tennessee — by @megeowyn; and le colonial restaurant, san francisco, california — by @jdmetalworks_.

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