swarm | a giveaway.
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i have long been an admirer of amsterdam-based artist leslie oshmann of swarm. leslie’s talent is taking vintage canvas paintings and giving them a whole new life — as furniture, journals, pillows, and, handbags. Each bag is utterly unique, made from vintage paintings, leather and linen, reclaimed objects made new in Amsterdam. leslie finds her materials in dutch markets, antique shops, and flea markets everywhere from paris to belgium — all bespoke design made without a pre-existing pattern. today, we’re hosting a worldwide giveaway of a beautiful swarm home bag — of one lucky winner’s choice from available bespoke collection.


to win one of leslie oshmann’s swarm bags, simply:


• visit the swarm collection and pick out your piece any of the swarm collections:

• comment here on the blog sharing your piece from swarm (furniture, bags, journals, accessories) by monday, march 24th at midnight pst.

• winner will be able to select the bag of their choice from one of a kind inventory available after march 24th.

• as always, please be sure to leave a way to contact you via twitter, facebook, your blog or email.

• yay! this giveaway is worldwide!

• we’ll announce a random winner by the end of week of march 24th on my twitter account, so be sure to follow along.



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  1. My favourite is the Tropics bag – though pity that it’s sold out! However, one could honestly not go wrong with these bags. All so beautiful and unique! Ah, fingers crossed and I’ll be following along on twitter (I’m @KateMetcalf) anxiously! :D

  2. I adore all of these works of art!!!! It seems indelicate to just call them bags, brings to mind the picture of the sad and lonely bag lady. And I have to say, that if the “bag lady” was using these “bags” (gorgeous masterpieces) then I would be more than happy to take on that role!
    I think that Crete is my favorite, I just love the different textures used.

  3. How gorgeous! I love the Painting Bag – Yvette. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  4. I’ve always been inspired by these bags, and her other work. Ocean is beautiful. And Yvette is a close second.

  5. The Zeeland Bag is my favorite! The Holland theme is perfect for a small afternoon cafe getaway with an ipad mini, a book and sunglasses. Thank you Victoria and Swarm! :)

  6. Good Morning Victoria and Lucy! Am LOVING their ….OCEAN…..bag…..gorgeous site! Thanks and cheers, Valerie :)

  7. They are all so beautiful, but the Crete one would be my choice. Now I am going back to browsing the site.

  8. i have been a fan of swarm forever. it’s hard to pick just one…but i love abstract, zealand an Yvette.

  9. thank you so much for sharing this awesome work!!
    fell in love with the zeeland bag but any other item as well, actually.
    sarah (sahrem(at)hotmail.de)

  10. hello everyone……i love them ALL!! the artistry, the vintage worn look and the european feel to them would make anyone happy to carry one. love the mountain one and the zeeland one. thank you for offering this to one lucky winner, i am sure they will be thrilled…….cindy

  11. my pick from the Swarm site is the Myriad Necklace – Desert
    it’s art you can wear!
    flip the tiny chunky wooden disc to change the scene.

    ( the red kids chair is a close second )

    i need to give more time to explore Found

    xx Catharine

  12. I, too, have been admiring swarm’s work for a long, long time. I would be overjoyed with any piece, large or small, and treasure it like was my own child. I particularly love the hanging portrait panel. MMMM.. yum!

  13. Have admired these bags for years. I love the Friesland bag today! I’m fickle though, so when I win I may just change my mind ;) thank you for a fabulous giveaway! Fingers crossed ! XX

  14. so so beautiful, every one is amazing! if I had to choose I would say the Yvette…. or the crete really hard to say. the attention to detail is just amazing x

  15. Thanks for opening this up worldwide – being down the bottom of the world in New Zealand it’s difficult to enter competitions. I LOVE all these bags but I think my fav (which can also change arbitrarily) is Blue Sea. (I’m not on twitter (GASP), so if I’m the extremely lucky lass that wins, would you notify me by email?

  16. Love the Tropics bag – we’ve been based in Manila the past few years and it just felt appropriate! And the chairs . . . Posies would make a pretty seat I think! x

  17. The chairs. I love the chairs. I live alone and have 21 chairs. Empty chairs always make me think of all the people who should be sitting in them. Who are they? How do I know them? What are their stories? Painting Chair – Lavender Fields II made me think of plantations and exploration and travel… what stories for people for those empty chairs… gorgeous!

  18. I really love them all, but favorites are Paris, Crete and Holland windmill (sold out!). Also love the pin the tail on the donkey poster!

    Hope I win! Thank you!

  19. oh my, i have coveted a swarm bag for years! they are so unique and beautiful. what a fantastic giveaway. my current favorite is the provence painting bag.

  20. Oh! It would be such an honor to be able to carry around a Swarm art piece!
    Each unique bag is so fabulous.
    I’m really appreciating the collage and textured style of the ‘Crete’ bag.

  21. the Paris bag is beautiful…..paintings have imbedded within them the artists story and to carry that story around in the form of a bag is very, very cool.

  22. thanks for sharing another great shop victoria. many lovely pieces in the collection but i have to say the painting bags are my favourites. top would be either the Amsterdam or Zeeland. The whole feeling of repurposing is wonderful and inspiring.

  23. Without a word of a lie, it would make my heart sing to be walking the streets with one of these divine bags on my arm.

    From afar, Perth Western Australia, I have admired these pieces of art. Keeping close a picture of European art while shopping in the most remote city on Earth appeals to me!

    Truly LOVE the “Painting Bag – Mountains”… juxtaposes our red deserts beautifully!

    With Thanks

  24. Incredibly well mixed materials. I love the Zeeland tote. I also admire her journals and her chairs everything is so well thought through.
    Just a thought: if the artists who painted would know how nicely their art is reused…. Thanks for sharing this and maybe a chance to win.

  25. Hello everyone,
    I love love the Provence bag! I would wear it when the weather will finally be sunny and feel like spring.
    Thank you so much for that great contest.
    Take care, Laure

  26. Oh, I love the painting Paris bag. How wonderful that she is using these lovely things. Just the kind of thing that I love.

  27. I would like actually like to give the Hindeloopen bag as a gift to my husband’s parents ’cause they’re from Friesland (Hindeloopen is a small town in the Dutch province of Friesland :-)). And of course it’s a gorgeous bag!

  28. I REALLY love the Brugge Painting bag. I’ve been admiring Swarm products for a while now, I’d love one of my very own. Great competition!

  29. Worldwide – thank you! I love the Swarm chairs and the new bags are gorgeous! My favourite bag is ‘Mountains’

  30. I have been coveting a swarm bag forever!! I collect old ship paintings so I would probably have to go with one with a ship on it, but I LOVE the florals as well!!

  31. Of the available bags I think I would choose Amsterdam or Oceans…Of the found objects, I love the patchwork leather bag, the red bag, the pin-the-tail donkey…

  32. The small tote Hindeloopen block-lettered POST, with blue and red stripes and a pretty pastoral; that’s the one for me. Thank you.

  33. Hooray for found objects! I wonder why the name swarm? curious…- BUT back to the task at hand, the Zeeland bag is lovely!

  34. I adore the Amsterdam and the Crete bags!
    I love everything!! Particularly the work using still life/portraits.