sfgirlbybay book on the way.
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i have some happy news to share with you today! some news i’ve been keeping hush-hush for quite some time. i’ve been working on a book! and now that everything’s ‘official’ i can excitedly announce that it’s soon to be published by san francisco’s very own chronicle books. for years i’ve been photographing my escapades around san francisco — the city that i have called home for nearly 20 years — and sharing them in my sunday in the city posts. so i was most flattered and excited when chronicle invited me to share my sometimes quirky view of san francisco in a book!


i’ll be publishing a photographic journal of san francisco — i’ve been capturing the city by each of it’s uniquely wonderful neighborhoods — photographing new images of all my favorite spots, and researching and writing about the city i love so much. the book won’t be out for a while, but if i owe you an email or you haven’t seen me around, now you know what i’ve been so busy with here in my office — maps, scraps and snapshots surrounding me and inspiring me to keep on shooting. thank you all so much for the encouragement and enthusiasm for my photos — from the blog posts to my instagrams — i feel most fortunate to be able to share with you. stay tuned for more news as we get closer to the publishing date!


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  1. WoW! Congratulations Victoria! That’s truly an amazing news. And who would be better than you to capture SF. I really cannot wait to hold that book in my hands. I love following along your SF adventure and I have discovered so many things, thanks to you. :)

  2. Wow! Congratulations!! Of course they would approach you about a book, you work hard and have fantastic taste! Can’t wait to buy it. Cheers!

  3. Awww, this is excellent to hear! Not at all surprising because you ARE, in fact, awesome (and so are your pictures of SF).
    Your book is on my wishlist already!

  4. Fantastic news. The media industry is definitely going through great change at the moment and I love hearing about success stories from fellow bloggers. Your photography is beautiful – can’t wait to see the book.

  5. Oh wow..Congrats! That’s exiting! When I look at your pictures and blog I just know the book is going to be amazing! Good luck and have fun making it!

  6. Congrats, V! I have no doubt your book will be on every coffee table in the city. And on the rest of ours too.

  7. wooooo hooooooo!!! I knew you’d be publishing a book someday, but the time has come!!! Congratulations, Vic, I’m going to have to pre-order it as soon as it’s possible to do so and you have to sign your autograph, please!!! :)

  8. Congratulations Victoria!!! What a beauty it will be for everyone to see SF through your lens! I can’t wait to have it on my coffee table. Awesome!

  9. So excited about this! After a reasonable break, can you also do an interiors book? I would really love that and so would the rest of your readers.

  10. I can’t wait !!! I’ve been checking in daily for years . Rarely comment but this is soooo exciting that I had to say congratulations. This space is always so inspiring. Sunday in the city has always been my favorite !! When can we pre-order ???

  11. this is going to be the best! i love love love your sunday in the city series so much… but a book i can hold in my hands? even better :) congratulations!

  12. Now that is exciting news – I have always loved your own photographs and your eye so this will be an exciting additoin to our bookshelves when it arrives. Congrats Victoria!

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