tuesday’s girl: baubles.
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i’m a bracelet girl. i rarely wear necklaces, sometimes a ring, and always some simple earrings. but bracelets just get me going — especially really chunky ones, and if they have a vintage vibe, all the better. i have a lot of them and i cluster them and wear them together. i find they can really dress up about anything i wear, jeans especially. people always seem to notice when i wear them and ask where they’re from. so i’d thought i’d share some new ones i’ve recently picked up (i just got the top two here and here), along with a few more favorites. pretty perfect for perking up a simple spring tee.

chunky bracelets | sfgirlbybay

from top to bottom: oval plate bracelet; pastel floral cuff; flower petals bracelet; stacked stones bracelet; and the mint spike bracelet, all from j.crew.

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  1. I love bracelets too but must don’t fit because I have small wrists and weirdly small hands so they just slip off. My aunt got me a bracelet for my baptism when I was, what a couple months old, and it still fits!!

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