copper clothing rack | diy.
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diy copper clothing rack | sfgirlbybay

copper clothing hanger, via HAY store in Copenhagen.

a few weeks back i posted about my lust for this copper hanging clothing rack, made by Madelynn Hackwith Furlong of the blog wide eyed leglass. madelynn saw my post and very kindly emailed me to offer up this DIY for you, and to photograph a step by step guide to make your own. incredible, right? i am over the moon to share with pretty easy (now that she’s explained it all so carefully) DIY copper clothing rack with you. we’ve outlined everything you’ll need, and as you’ll soon see, it’s simple to make and friendly for your wallet, too.

a million thanks to madelynn for sharing with us. if you have any questions, please include them in the comments and we’ll get back to you. and if you didn’t see my post last week on maddy’s beautiful, lust-worthy loft, please do check that out, too. you can follow along with madelynn on her blog wide eyed leglass and on instagram. happy DIY’ing!

diy copper clothing rack | sfgirlbybay

What you will need:

2 – 24″ Copper Pipes (I used 5/8″ thick hollow copper pipes that I was able to find at my local hardware store)
2 – 14.5″ Copper Pipes
2 – 9″ Copper Pipes
2 – Copper Pipe T’s
2 – Copper Pipe Elbows
2 – Copper Pipe caps (with 1/8″ hole drilled through them)
1/8″ thick Cotton rope (needs to be long enough to attach to your ceiling on either side of the hanger- I bought a 14 meter long rope)
All purpose cement glue
2 – hooks to attach hanger to ceiling

diy copper clothing rack | sfgirlbybay


1. Start by laying everything out in the order that is pictured in Step 1 this will ensure that you can accurately put the hanger together on the first try.

diy copper clothing rack | sfgirlbybay

2. Take your first Copper Pipe Cap and string one end of the rope through the hole. Make sure to glue the copper pieces together as you go.

diy copper clothing rack | sfgirlbybay

3. Attach the cap to the end of the first 14.5″ pipe and continue to string the rope through the pipe.

diy copper clothing rack | sfgirlbybay

4. Attach the copper T to the end- make sure to face the T inward and string the rope through.

diy copper clothing rack | sfgirlbybay

5. On the other end of the T add the 9″ copper pipe.

diy copper clothing rack | sfgirlbybay

diy copper clothing rack | sfgirlbybay

6 & 7. Then add the copper elbow and first 24″ copper pipe — gluing and pulling the rope through as you go.

diy copper clothing rack | sfgirlbybay

diy copper clothing rack | sfgirlbybay

8 & 9. Now work your way up the other side, starting with the elbow and ending with the second copper cap and pulling the rope completely through. Once you have the outside frame complete add the center 24″ copper piece, glue and your finished!

10. voilá! attach to ceiling with sturdy hooks and you’re good to start hanging and displaying your prettiest clothing.

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  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! And, I have to say that this DIY was beautifully photographed. This blog always has beautiful pictures and todays is no exception. Thanks!

  2. I’m not in the right commenting dept. but I just wanted to say that I decided to copy you and paint my kitchen cabinets Extra White by Sherwin Williams and I am sooo thrilled, it really is the perfect white, which can be so hard to get right with all the undertones. Thank you so much for sharing, you really are an inspiration!

  3. I love this and can’t wait to try it out. Now I wonder can you tell me where to purchase the copper hangers Madelynn uses?

  4. LOVE this. When I saw it I immediately thought that it would be perfect for looping all of my scarves on! Great aesthetic way to hang almost anything :) Thanks!

  5. Love the look of this. Will the copper go green and if so, is there a way to prevent it from staining clothes/towels etc?

  6. Any recommendations for how to remove the writing from the copper pipes I’m getting from the Home Depot or should I get it from somewhere else? Thanks.

  7. I would love to make this and then hang plants off it :-) I have the perfect alcove that requires this! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. x

  8. This is beautiful! Where is the wall planter in the first picture from??

    Thanks for sharing, the entire apartment is stunning :)

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